27 July 2011

TrustPort 2012 Antivirus Review and 30 x 1 Year Licenses to GiveAway - Antivirus, Internet Security, Total Protection

TrustPort Antivirus is an outstanding Protection. Under a nice and very advanced Multilingual User Interface you found all options to configure Multiple Scan Engines for On-Demand and On-Access Scan. It is likely if Argon is enabled that the false positive detection rate grow high as Xenon already detect all our latest samples plus some were F/P's.
TrustPort offers easy operations. With a few clicks you can exclude files, access the Quarantine and all program features.

It is one of the most advanced Antivirus programs because TrustPort gives the user the most possible variety to config the protection on your PC, USB Stick, Scan settings, Update Settings even the design can be customized with Themes.

An computer savvy will highly regard TrustPort Products. An not so advanced PC user who likes less options but a more modern design on the desktop may be not so high rated this AV. On the other hand WindowsBlinds (.wba) Themes can be directly imported and used under Advanced Settings.

The more engines you enable, the higher the system load but you can select between 2 most popular AV engines or enable both of them.

We found it very positive that a License for a higher Product for example TrustPort Total Protection 2012 covers also TrustPort Antivirus 2012 without Firewall and the USB Antivirus 2012 Version.

PC Mag TrustPort Antivirus 2012 Lab Results Chart | TrustPort Antivirus 2012 malware removal chart

All Products have a 30 Day free Trial run and the license time begin to count as soon you register the product.

Together with TrustPort we give away the following Not For Resell personal licenses:

10x TrustPort Antivirus (1 Year Licenses - 1 PC)
10x TrustPort Internet Security (1 Year Licenses - 1 PC)
10x TrustPort Total Protection (1 Year Licenses - 1 PC)

To join this contest:

1. Post a Comment with the right answer to the question: Who and what is Xenon and Argon?
2. Follow us on Twitter/Facebook and TrustPort on Twitter/Facebook to stay up to date on the latest news.

The comments will be not published before we draw from all comments with the right answer 30 winners of a License.

If you know the answer - do not publish or share it!


Kalju said...

If it were possible, would be interested in Trust  Port Totalprotection or the Internet Security license for year.

Markedmanner said...

Argon is AVG engine and  Xenon is Bitdefender engine. I hope I won! 

Darkangel7017 said...

Xenon and Argon are antivirus engines included in this awesome product called Trustport; Xenon is Bitdefender engine and Argon is AVG engine.

Bero said...

Xenon = BitDefender engine
Argon = AVG engine

Jasiekkidawa said...

AVG (Argon) & BitDefender (Xenon) engines --->TRUSTPORThttp://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000500883314

Kyokodash said...

1. Xenon is BitDefender and Argon is AVG.2. Just followed with my Facebook.Thanks for offering this awesome giveaway! Wish to get a license of TrustPort Antivirus, I really hope to be one of the lucky guys for this giveaway! 

Joe Novack said...

Xenon and Argon is a noble gases or anti-virus engines in TrusPort (AVG and andBitDefender). TW: http://twitter.com/#!/tzpc/status/96215962042384384FB: http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=234677833231163&id=100001832763969

Admin said...

16 comments already in a few hours. Everyone wrote the right answer   till now! Keep posting!!!

Admin said...

please comment again. The rules to join the contest are now published and the contest is running.

Thank you!!!

Maestro said...

TrustPort is a famous brand of computer security programs. Everyone knows that, Xenon and Argon is two modules, scan engines. Count me please. Thanks and regards.

ha14 said...

Xenon: Xenon is a member of the zero-valence elements that are called noble or inert gases,

by intense light output they deliver, xenon headlights allow the increase and, consequently, improve safety during night journeys

Argon: The element takes its name from the Greek argos , meaning slow or lazy, because it is extremely unreactive.Argon is the chemical element in the periodic table that has the symbol Ar and atomic number 18. The third noble gas, in period 8, argon makes up about 1% of the Earth's atmosphere.The principal isotope of argon is 40 Ar (99.6% abundance); it has two other stable isotopes, 36 Ar (0.3%) and 38 Ar (0.1%). Argon-40 is formed by β -decay of the long-lived potassium isotope 39 K.   

bothArgon and Xenon  have a complete valance shell so they are both virtually non-reactive and inert. (noble gas).

Soumen said...

They are both noble gases,group VIIIA elements.,both have a complete valance shell so they are both virtually non-reactive and inert. (noble gas).

there are some things that will react with inert gases, but because they
do not require any electrons from other atoms, they do not need to form
ionic or covalent bonds.

Safecn said...

scanning enginesXenon is BitDefender engine,Argon is AVG engine.http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=210248105693267&id=100002530539682https://twitter.com/#!/SafeCN/status/96383361697849344http://www.safecn.net/leechermods-giveaway-trustport-30-activation-code.html

dyo said...

Xenon & Argon are the signature engines used by trustport.

Philtzki said...

AVG (Argon) & BitDefender (Xenon)Hope to get a license of TrustPort Antivirus or TrustPort Internet Security, if it is possible.
Thanks and best regards.

Asrielrusdyawan said...

Please count me in Sir.
Xenon is Antivirus Engine that used by the Trustport Internet Security 2012 based on BitDefender Engine
ARGON is Antivirus Engine that used by the Trustport Internet Security 2012 based on AVG Engine


Ararobotic said...

Please Count me in Sir. Great Giveaway! 
Xenon is the Antivirus Engine named by Trustport to be used in their Internet Security where the real owner of the Xenon Engine is BitDefender SRL
Argon is the Antivirus Engine named by Trustport to be used in their Internet Security where the real owner of the Argon Engine is AVG Technologies CZ s.r.o.
I wish to win This Giveaway.
Best Regards.

Saow912 said...

Argon is AVG engine and Xenon is Bitdefender engine.Thanks for the giveaway!! Wish to own a copy of TrustPort Antivirus.

SamChan said...

My answer :  Argon is AVG engine, and Xenon is Bitdefender engine.I hope my answer is correct :)and my tweet : http://twitter.com/#!/KimHoangTranThanks for the contest! :)

Ion vass said...

TrustPort Antivirus ,Internet Security and Totalprotection 2012 uses AVG (Argon) & BitDefender (Xenon) engines, and the server version of TrustPort Antivirus for Servers 2012 has AVG & Vipre (Neon) engines..I hope, i am also one of the lucky winners and get a license of this very powerful  indeed program.Because i have Xp(Sp3) on my computer, i would like the version with firewall (if it is possible),that means the two versions of TrustPort with firewall (internet security or total protection).The firewall of Xp is not gut as of Vista or Seven.I thank you in advanced and sorry for my English.

Briareoushex said...

Xenon and argon are noble gas.

Millo 77 said...

Argon (Ar) is a noble gas present in Earth's atmosphere at a rate equal to 0.93%.
Xenon, Xe is an inert, colorless, odorless and not flammable.Applications: Incandescent lighting, lasers, measurements of blood flow to the brain, research on high-energy particle physics, propellant motor electric ion propulsion.

Barg said...

Xenon and argon are noble gases that is inert element belongign to the 18th group of the periodic table.
pls count me in 

Nathan said...

In the context of TrustPort: Xenon is the BitDefender engine, Argon is the AVG engine.

Dav532000 said...

Xenon and Aragon are both noble gases.
Known as nonreactive monoatomic gases.
Aragon is mainly used for Light Bulbs.
Xenon is mainly used for Flash Bulbs

Mounir said...

Xenon and Argon are the two engines of trustport antivirus.
Xenon = Bitdefender engine
Argon = AVG engine
Thanks a lot!

milxxon said...

Xenon and argon are noble gas

Admin said...

Not in the meaning of the Nobel Gas!

Kylene143 said...

AVG (Argon) + BitDefender (Xenon) = TrustPortPlease count me in. I would like to win a license of TrustPort Antivirus.
Thanks for offering these giveaway.

Southtownguy said...

n. (Symbol Ar)

A colorless, odorless, inert gaseous element constituting approximately
one percent of Earth's atmosphere, from which it is commercially
obtained by fractionation for use in electric light bulbs, fluorescent
tubes, and radio
vacuum tubes and as an inert gas shield in arc welding. Atomic number
18; atomic weight 39.948; melting point −189.3°C; boiling point
−185.9°C. Read more: http://www.answers.com/topic/argon#ixzz1TQNrTQvr(zē'nŏn') n. (Symbol Xe)
A colorless, odorless, highly unreactive gaseous element found in
minute quantities in the atmosphere, extracted commercially from
liquefied air and used in stroboscopic, bactericidal, and laser-pumping
lamps. Atomic number 54; atomic weight 131.29; melting point −111.9°C;
boiling point −107.1°C; density (gas) 5.887 grams per liter; specific
gravity (liquid) 3.52 (−109°C).
Read more: http://www.answers.com/topic/xenon#ixzz1TQO64zZd

Liked on Facebook and twitter for both parties

Siddharth said...

Thanks for this Giveaway.
Xenon and Argon are the name of two scanning engines that Trustport offers its users.Xenon refers to Bitdefender scanning engine and Argon refers to AVG scanning engine.
Hope i win.

Timi1975 said...

AVG Scan engine is Argon and BitDefender = Xenon
Hope to win a license

Γιάννης said...

Xenon and Argon are noble gases.

Γιάννης said...

When does the contest end?

Klaus said...

Argon is the scan engine from AVGXenon is Bitdefender scan engine

Ngo anh Tuan said...


I want try it. 

Barg said...

Xenon and argon are the two av engines in trust port

Xenon is bitdefender engine while argon is avg engine. 

Saso_bitola said...

They are both noble gases.

Alex said...


Xenon and Argon are unreactive and considered noble gases and they also are part of periodic table.

Γιάννης said...

OK, the right answer is Xenon and Argon are the nicknames of the search engines that trustport antivirus uses, instead of AVG and Bitdefender.

mtl said...

Two virus scanning engines

Ari Arsyadi said...

From what I understand, both Xenon and Argon are two of the trio of products for precision 3D modeling, drafting and photo-realistic rendering from Ashlar-Vellum, an Austin based company.

Really hope I am right as I really need the anti virus.

Numpayak said...

Argon & Xenon is two modules to scan engines TrustPort software.
Please Count me in.

Vasilij Ignatenko said...

Xenon and Argon are a chemical elements.

kornel said...

TrustPort 2012 Antivirus Review and 30 x 1 Year Licenses to GiveAway - Antivirus, Internet Security, Total Protection

kornel said...

super best

Aleksandargonovski said...

They are both antivirus scaning engines of trustport products.

Vasilij Ignatenko said...

Xenon and Argon are a chemical elements.

Yoda39 said...

Xenon and Argon is Bitdefender and Avast virus scan engine in TrustPort

Admin said...

47 Comments received till now.
Keep sharing with your friends!!!Send invites to join the contest!!!

Dan said...

argon and xenon are noble gasses of group VIIIA elements.

allso associated with electronic accessories company.

once i saw a printer and dvd discs of xenon at the local store...

thank you.

Dan said...

TrustPort 2012 Review and 30x1 Year Licenses to GiveAway - Antivirus, Internet Security, Total Protection http://t.co/pdRAV7G via @leecher

Jo1971 said...

Xenon and argon ia BitDefender and Avast Scan engine in TrustPort

Dani42 said...

Xenon is Bitdefenders signature database and Avast is Argon

Jay said...

Xenon and Argon are antivirus engines included in Trustport; Xenon is Bitdefender engine and Argon is AVG engine. 

Jay Mehta said...

Count me in
I think they are two av engines :D

Nitshame said...

Xenon and argon are chemical element

Nitshame said...

Xenon and Argon are antivirus engines 

Nitshame said...

Xenon and Argon are the antivirus engines. 

sheku said...

two malware/spyware scanning engines used by trustport 

Sidd said...

Please send me a license sir.My antivirus license is now expired.Now i am with free protection.So Please send me a license key.
I have already submitted my license key.and i knew it is correct.

Viper said...

Xenon is Bitdefender engine and argon is AVG engine

JANE said...

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Jane said...

I am finding this tool very useful.

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