07 July 2011

BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate - Exclusive GiveAway Unlimited User License

First Innovative GPU Accelerating DVD Backup Software - BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate have been released.
LotSoft, an industry-leading multimedia software provider, issued the release of BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate - the first innovative GPU accelerating DVD backup software. As an all-in-one DVD backup software, BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate supports directly copy DVD to DVD and backup DVD to hard drive as ISO image, single MPEG file and raw DVD structure folder.

GPU is short for Graphics Processing Unit (also occasionally called Visual Processing Unit or VPU). It is a specialized circuit designed to rapidly manipulate and alter memory in such a way so as to accelerate the building of images in a frame buffer intended for output to a display. LotSoft endows BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate with GPU accelerating ability by using CUDA standard. Thus, the speed of DVD copy can be boosted enormously. And experiment data indicates that users are able to finish the entire DVD backup process in no more than ten minutes. The super-fast DVD copy speed up to 6x faster with CUDA can save user’s large bulks of time for entertainment or work.

BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate is new generation of DVD backup software. It stands out from peer products thanks to embedded unique GPU acceleration technology and sector-to-sector copying technology, which help users to enjoy a real sense of DVD backup without any video or audio quality loss at super-high speed.
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This all-in-one DVD backup software fulfills people’s different demands of DVD backup:
1. Burn DVD to blank DVD in 1:1 ratio, which allows users to manage their DVD collections better.
2. Clone DVD to ISO image or VIDEO_TS folder, which allows users to enjoy the original flavor DVD movie on PC.
3. Extracting DVD main movie or any chapter to single MPEG file for easy playback and space saving.

Besides, all known DVD protections can be easily removed by this software, such as CSS, CPRM, CPPM, RC, RCE, APS, UOPs, SONY ARccOS, Rip-Guard, and Disney X-DRM. Continuous updating guaranteed also offers users worry-free DVD backup solutions.

We tested BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate and the speed with GPU acceleration is incredible fast.
In a matter of a few minutes an entire DVD was converted to MPEG on HDD.

The Program can be switched from English to Spanish and Chinese. It's compact coded and require about 36 mb disk space.

Read the user guide for more info.

We offer together with BDlot an unlimited-user license for Leechermods.com readers on our Facebook Page.


malkhaz said...

Thank you, Chris

Safecn said...

Great giveaway!

Queen Bellazer said...

Awesome Chris Great giveaway :)

audio brisbane said...

Cloning a DVD, say, your own created movie, with this program and making it on an optimal standard could save you time from burning several copies at a time or rummaging your hard disk for your missing data. This would also retain the quality of your original files.

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