06 April 2007

eMule 0.47c KAO v1.8.1 by Taz

eMule 0.47c KAO based on Stulle 4.5

Known feature (bug) : ed2k links are not captured.

1.8.1 :
Add : Copy mod stats 2 clipboard or 4 forum (with #spoil already inserted) - based on Spike & Wizard from emuleFuture
Change : Predict CS is now tweaked Reverse - aimed 4 end of game i.e. finishing downloads
Change : KAOMATIC defaults - Xman's chunk selection & Xtreme CS

1.8 :
Change : Predict CS is now tweaked Reverse - aimed 4 end of game (i.e. finishing downloads)
Change : KAOMATIC defaults - Xman's chunk selection & Xtreme CS

1.7 :
Add : (not 4 KAOMATIC) Options->Stulle->KAO->Chunk selection by Xman (Xtreme mod)

1.6 :
Add : Completed downloads are not reported to servers / clients.

1.5 :
Clean install or verify credit system (credit systems order changed)
Add : new credit system (Predict - by me)
Fix : Reverse (Dazzle) credit system 2 kick @ >= 1.65 (random)

1.2.1 :
Clean install needed (credit systems order changed)
Added Justice credit system (10'x Sonoro) - Options->Eastshare
AOMATIC almost done
Remove Fix by Dazzle (from FRTK 5.5)
Remove Fix by Wizard (from Beba v1.2) : Queue size fix
Known feature (bug) : ed2k links are not captured.

1.1 :
Fix : Minor programming glitch (auto min2tray)

Cleaner Options screens
More automatic for KAOMATIC
KAO Options (currently only Fake Rank - will include more) under Options->StulleMule

1.0 :
Fix by NiTrO-TeAm (from PP-Edition_v0.1b) : BetterPassiveSourceFinding


KAOMATIC - less options for Novice users
KAO/emule - same choices as v0.8 (TBH can be replaced by "normal" MiniMule)
KAOPRO - Almost any option can be changed ...

2 switch between "profiles" (KAOMATIC / KAO / KAOPRO) just rename executable to wanted one (upper or lower case).

0.8 :
Change : FR a bit more aggressive (very unlikely to be detected)
Fixed by Wizard (from Beba v1.2)
: obfuscation fix for servers which don't support them [WiZaRd]
-------> I've changed it to support server forced obfuscation as well
: changed: mlDonkey reask time [Spike2/WiZaRd]
: XS Workaround
: Stats - needed client is not counted as bad guy
: Kad remove - missing buddy check
: Remove source from download list
: Add source - memory exception
: Queue size fix
Fixed by Dazzle (from FRTK v5.5)
: it's possible that a client is added to queue, later is dropped because of queue-full.
then is readded through search or passive, but within the reask time.
In this time the source will be on DS_NONE, but still in the download queue.
If this function is runned before it is reasktime,
it will be deleted here and then when the partfile tries to reference the source, crash.
added a check if we requested a file from this source to fix it

0.71 :
Add : Options->StulleMule->Misc. Settings->Kao Fake Rank
Fix : Do not kick 4 no QR if downloaded from

0.63 :
Change : Unified Ban Control (Ban or Reduce credit for identified as "bad" / leecher etc.).
Fix : If reduce score (i.e. not ban) Reverse credit now (fix for non existent feature) reduces score for identified as "bad" / leecher.
Fix : Transfer window real upload queue size show
Add : Auto emulate
Add : Remove search results limit

0.5 :
Fix : Better control of uploaders (regardless of upload queue).
Fix : Tighter reverse credit implementation.

0.4 :
Fix : Upload only a/e/xmule & Upload4QR
Fix : ZZratio won't kick in
Add : a sort of inverse credit (based on xpmule X4)
Add : Kick @ kickval (inverse credit compute or 1.6 for all other credits)
Add : Push & Kick
Add : automation (not optional) of :
Only TBH (no MiniMule) that shows completed, gets updated and trigerred on minimize.
Show Client PCT
Show Additional Toolbar @ transfer window
Saving & loading of sources
Show Country Flag
Reask sources after IP change

0.3 :
Stulle v4.5 + ALL changes on v4.4
Always show Download PCT

0.21 :
Some Wizard defaults changed.
Always Min2Tray

0.2 :
Icons / logos & stuff...
No more Dynamic Updates (upon connection 2 server / client) of server list
Upload4QR - if DropQR enabled by QR value otherwise by 7500

0.1 :
Stulle v4.4
No-Ratio above 4KByte upload
Mod Priority -> can be set to above-normal (was high)
Upload only to emule/amule
Not sharing Incoming Dir

Latest ipfilter.dat & updated server.met included.

No banning (only reduced score) or vice versa is possible !!!
4 low upload bandwidth : @ Options->Morph->Max client datarate can be safely set @ 1 (better rotation and lower overall upload overhead).

No need for clean install when switching between original & KAO.
Latest ipfilter.dat included.

4 low upload bandwidth : @ Options->Morph->Max client datarate can be safely set @ 1 (better rotation and lower overall upload overhead).

No need for clean install when switching between original & KAO.

Insights :

1. Reverse (Dazzle) CS is "weak" on end of game => Predict CS is now based on Reverse with enhanced end of game.
2. With low upload queue (<200) results =""> new default 4 KAOMATIC.
3. Xman's chunk selection seems to work better (4 me) on all scenarios (it's a sure winner for "rare" files - with very few sources) => "embeded" 4 KAOMATIC.
4. Using Reverse / Predict as an "alternative" (in terms of upload not based on download) 4 payback 1'st - works great.

eMule 0.47c StulleMule v4.5 KAO v1.8.1-bin.rar (8.46 MB) - (Mirror) - (Mirror 7zip DL pass: kao181)
eMule 0.47c StulleMule v4.5 KAO v1.8-bin.rar - (Mirror)

REM: After long time (about one week as of rel. date 04. March v1.8x) waiting for TAZ post we deceided to post this releases by self. In hope Taz next releases are posted by him self here instead of using filesharing hoster search tools such as rs search tools.


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