10 April 2007

eMule v.47c Magic Angel v2.2

Changelog for eMule v.47c [Magic Angel v2.2]
-9 apr 2007
based on MorphXT v9.6
>> this version comes from evcz not from the original modder sFrQlXeRt <<

MERGED: to MorphXT 9.6
CHANGED: CS order as in MorphXT [evcz]
FIXED: Anti Upload Protection default credit value based on the CS in use [evcz]
FIXED: Anti Upload Protection when the other client have not yet uploaded to us [evcz]
REMOVED: Multiple Instances
ADDED: HDD protect
ADDED: Adjustable Buffer Time Limit
CHANGED: DLP code from Xtreme v5.4.2
ADDED: Applejuice to GPL breakers into MagicAntiLeech.dll (now V3)
ADDED: Wikinger to GPL breakers into MagicAntiLeech.dll (now V3)

Changelog for eMule v.47c [Magic Angel v2.1]
-4 nov 2006
based on MprhXT v9.2

FIXED: Multi User Webinterface Tab

Changelog for eMule v.47c [Magic Angel v2.0]
- 22 oct 2006
based on MorphXT v9.1

ADDED: Push small/rare files and file by ratio [sivka/codes from NeoMule]
ADDED: enable/disable Powershare for Leechers
CHANGED: Release Boost works only for complete files
CHANGED: DLP code to Xtreme v5.3
CHANGED: Anti Ghost Mod bans also unkown tag in info packet
CHANGED: Show Size of extra bytes
CHANGED: Also detect extra bytes in info packet
CHANGED: Colored Upload: now you can decide if Morph UL-Slot colors should be used too
CHANGED: all MB-values in Angel Argos preferences window are now KB-values
CHANGED: Quickstart on IP Change can now only set enabled when QuickStart is enabled
CHANGED: FileBuffer Size to max 20MB
FIXED: bug with Anti Uplaoder Ban
FIXED: display bug with max anti upload protection limit
FIXED: displaying of Webcache Icon in Download List
FIXED: some bugs with "Inform Leechers"
FIXED: bug with Quickstart time calculation
UPDATED: German lang.dll

Changelog for eMule v.47a [Magic Angel v1.5]
based on MorphXT v8.13

ADDED: Anti Uploader Ban works now also for "Punish Donkeys"-Clients
CHANGED: Anti Upload Protection values: min 1.0MB, max 2.8MB, default 1.8MB
CHANGED: AntiUploaderBan: unban for Angel Argos Leechers
CHANGED: some other small changes on Magic Angel and Angel Argos
FIXED: Bug with Reask Time (only occured when Spread Reask was disabled)
FIXED: Bug in Enhanced Client Recognization (with eMule Plus v1.2)
FIXED: The new DLP log entries were printed in Morph and Verbose log
FIXED: Bug in server-reconnect when reask sources after IP change was enabled
FIXED: some DLP Versioncheck messages
UPDATED: German lang.dll

Changelog for eMule v.47a [Magic Angel v1.4]
based on MorphXT v8.10

ADDED: Angel Argos works now with the complete Dynamic Leecher Protection (DLP)
of Xtreme v5.2 and with the antiLeech.dll file [Xman]
Modified some DLP detections with codes from ScarAngel
ADDED: Magic Angel version check [Official/Morph/Stulle]
ADDED: MagicAntiLeech.dll file (includes GPL Breakers and some more Leechers)
ADDED: version check for antiLeech.dll and MagicAntiLeech.dll [Xman]
ADDED: Magic Angel+ Creditsystem. Based on Magic Angel Creditsystem. Clients get
a small boost to their credit modifier, when they uploaded us more, than we
uploaded to them (the boost depends on the difference of upload minus download).
ADDED: Extened credit-table-arragement [Xman]
ADDED: Enhanced Client Recognization [Spike2]
ADDED: show Leecher and Punishment in Client Details
ADDED: inform Leechers via Usernick (feature can als be turned of in Angel Argos settings,
if you don't want to let the leechers know, that they are identified)
ADDED: show Queuerank in Client Details [Xman]
ADDED: Anti Uploader Ban [Stulle]
ADDED: Reask Sources after IP change v2 [Xman/Maella/Stulle]
ADDED: Set file reask Time manual (changed to 29-57 minutes) [Stulle]
ADDED: Spread Reask (added button to enable/disable) [Maella/Stulle]
ADDED: Quickstart from NeoMule (modified a bit) [DavidXanatos]
ADDED: FunnyNick Tag [Stulle/Aireoreion]
ADDED: Ratio Creditsystem [RT Mod]
ADDED: Anti Upload Protection: you can set a certain amount after clients get credits [idea of netfinity]
ADDED: Colored Upload: color your upload depending on remote Queuerank [Aireoreion]
or color Friend and Powershare Slots [idea of Stulle]
ADDED: Find best sources [Xman]
CHANGED: Slot Limiter is now exactly like the Morph Slot Limiter
CHANGED: some things in Angel Argos preferences window
CHANGED: some things in debug log and Morph log
CHANGED: Magic Angel Creditsystem (and Magic Angel+ CS). Clients get credits for Upload >= 1.65MB
FIXED: bug in Angel Argos, that Magic Angel sometimes stopped searching for sources
REMOVED: complete Morph Anti-Leecher code (we use DLP instead)
REMOVED: Quickstart from Magic Angel v1.31
UPDATED: German lang.dll

Changelog for eMule v.47a [Magic Angel v1.31]
FIXED: Bug in Spam Detection of v1.3 [sFrQlXeRt]

Changelog for eMule v.47a [Magic Angel v1.3]
MERGED: to MorphXT v8.5 [sFrQlXeRt]
ADDED: Release Boost [sFrQlXeRt]
ADDED: Wrong hello order Detection (Xman) [sFrQlXeRt]
CHANGED: Morph Slot Limiter to original one from Stulle [sFrQlXeRt]
CHANGED: Don't print messages from Morph log in Verbose log [sFrQlXeRt]
UPDATED: Angel Argos (some small detections of Xman) [sFrQlXeRt]
UPDATED: German lang.dll [sFrQlXeRt]

Changelog for eMule v.47a [Magic Angel v1.2]
MERGED: to MorphXT v8.4 [sFrQlXeRt]
CHANGED: some Angel Argos detection lists [sFrQlXeRt]
FIXED: forgot to change some toolbar icons in v1.1 [sFrQlXeRt]

Changelog for eMule v.47a [Magic Angel v1.1]
based on MorphXT v8.3

ADDED: eMCrypt Detection (Xman) [sFrQlXeRt]
ADDED: Anti-XS-Exploit (Xman/idea by WiZaRd) to Agressive client Detection [sFrQlXeRt]
ADDED: Source Cache: Find more sources with less overhead (Xman) [sFrQlXeRt]
CHANGED: Donkey Punishment: Clients now don't get a reduced score, because they aren't
eMule Clients. They get a reduced score if they haven't got SUI [sFrQlXeRt]
FIXED: Bug in manual unban for Angel Argos leechers [sFrQlXeRt]
UPDATED: German lang.dll [sFrQlXeRt]

Changelog for eMule v.47a [Magic Angel v1.0]
based on MorphXT v8.2

ADDED : - Angel Argos Anti-Leecher system (inspired by "Argos system" from Neo Mule,
some icons from Neo Mule by David Xanatos)
- partitioned leechers to many categories
- select different punishment/ban for each category [sFrQlXeRt]
ADDED : Don't ban friends [sFrQlXeRt]
ADDED : AntiNickThief v2.3 (WiZaRd/Stulle) [sFrQlXeRt]
ADDED : Dynamic Leecher Protection (Xman) [sFrQlXeRt]
ADDED : Username ban [sFrQlXeRt]
ADDED : Spam detection (Xman) [sFrQlXeRt]
ADDED : Agressive client Detection (orginal: sivka-ban by Cyrex2001) [sFrQlXeRt]
ADDED : Donkey Punishment [sFrQlXeRt]
ADDED : Magic Angel credit system. Based on official credit. Modifier min 0,1 and max 50.
Clients only get credits for upload >= 2MB. Set Magic Angel Credit to default. [sFrQlXeRt]
ADDED : Quickstart (TPT) [sFrQlXeRt]
ADDED : partitioned preferences window in two groups (ePlus/some old Morph Versions) [sFrQlXeRt]
ADDED : Magic Angel preferences window [sFrQlXeRt]
ADDED : Emulate: MLDonkey, eDonkey, eDonkeyHybrid, Shareaza v2, Lphant (WiZaRd/Spike/shadow2004) [sFrQlXeRt]
ADDED : Limit Upload Slots to Average Upload/3kbps (with a control box to turn it of,
if you want to use original Morph Upload System) (Stulle) [sFrQlXeRt]
ADDED : Magic Angel Client Icon [sFrQlXeRt]
ADDED : Leecher Icon [sFrQlXeRt]
ADDED : Magic Angel side banner (from eMule ZX) and splash screen [sFrQlXeRt]
CHANGED: manual unban for Angel Argos leechers [sFrQlXeRt]
CHANGED: Morph Version Check [sFrQlXeRt]
CHANDED: some toolbar icons (icons from older Morph Versions) [sFrQlXeRt]
UPDATED: Leecher Modstring/Username list [sFrQlXeRt]
UPDATED: German lang.dll [sFrQlXeRt]
REMOVED: Some Morph Anti-Leecher code (use Angel Argos instead of it) [sFrQlXeRt]
REMOVED: Official eMule GPL Breaker detecion (use Angel Argos instead of it) [sFrQlXeRt]

Download: eMule.v0.47c.Magic.Angel.v2.2.bin.rar (4.59 MB)


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