24 July 2012

Giveaway - Get Free Cloud System Booster Pro for 180 Days

Cloud System Booster is system optimization software, developed by Anvisoft, engaging in providing Internet security solutions. It mainly contains four functions: cleaner, repair, optimizer and application. They can respectively deal with various junk files in disk or registry, repair PC errors, optimize system performance and remove unneeded programs to free up much space, so as to speed up our computer.

Key Features:
Support Windows XP, Vista & 7
Clean up the system in various aspects with one click
Include a Mini Mode for light use
Scheduled scan, system restore, network proxy management are available for convenient use.
Chameleon feature to enable attractive personalized look
Expert mode for custom use
Automatically update and automatically boost are available

We can implement optimizing our computer with one click on the main interface or in the Mini Mode. The Mini mode is a special feature in Cloud System Booster. With it, we do not need to open the main interface. It is cute and easy to use.

We can also free set the time of cleaning our computer. System can be also restored. The chameleon can make us personalize the background of Cloud System Booster with the picture we like. Cloud System Booster embraces two modes: One-click mode and expert mode. The former can clean our computer with one click. It is apt for common users. The latter we can customize the items we need to clean.

The Mini Mode, Automatically update and Automatically boost can be used in Cloud System Booster Pro. They are not provided in Cloud System Booster Free. 

Giveaway on Cloud System Booster Pro

In this Giveaway, Anvisoft did not limit the number of license keys to activate Cloud System Booster Pro which for $19.98.

It is simple to leave a comment below to participate in the Giveaway. The valid email can help us to send you the license code.  The Giveaway will end on 31th July 2012, 12:00 PM GMT and winners will be announced on 1th August 2012 here at leechermods.com. The winners will be selected randomly.

Note: The winners selected are mainly based on the review on System Booster Free. Hope every participant can get a free license key.

Many thanks to Michelle


正版软件分享 said...

Great giveaway!

Ghost said...

Thanks For campaign.

xzymoe said...

Oh thanks ~~~It is a good software with cloud.But I just use free version.Can you give me a key.

10073105 said...

thanks for the share

Fov1314 said...

thanks for the share

1505716861 said...

Thanks For campaign.

zummer said...

thanks for the share

Charls E. said...

Over the past years I've been testing many System Tuners but found not one perfect for my needs. Most left me behind of many problems which I wasn't have before such as WLan dongle stopped working or Webfolders, Printserver and so on do not more function as soon as I clicked one time optimization automatical and rebooted. After that I found me days and weeks long trying to fix manually this what the tuner programs disabled or changed silence without doing a backup from the changes. I remember by one tweaker the OS didn't start anymore and there was no other way as restore windows but I left a lot newer data on the PC.
I installed Cloud System Booster Free and all works like it should be. It really brings some more power and speed when I need it to my older PC.It will be wonderful to win a Pro License.Thanks for this great opportunity

Alex19100 said...

Hi ,I installed Cloud System Booster Free and all works like it should be.
It really brings more power and speed when I need it to my PC.It will be wonderful to win a Pro License.
Thanks for this opportunity

Francisco Bauzan said...

Klasse aktion....

DJ said...

This is great software, I want to try it out! :)

vhick said...

LeecherMods is back with a great giveaway! Count me in please..

Thank you so much..

bjenks said...

I have downloaded Cloud System Booster Free and I am amazed at how fast and efficient the system function. I also like the idea of having a restore point for every time i optimize my computer.
Thank you for the opportunity of participating in this Giveaway

Joncab said...

pls count me in my name is Jon here's my email joncab@y7mail.com

TheMt said...

you guys rock! rightcoasttrader@gmail.com

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