14 December 2020

BiglyBT Extreme Mod by SB-Innovation Beta

Coded by:

>>>>>> DigitalDJ & ghostfucker <<<<<<


>>>>>> Butcho <<<<<<
>>>>>> Rebound <<<<<<
>>>>>> hitman <<<<<<
>>>>>> Manas <<<<<<
>>>>>> eudora <<<<<<
>>>>>> ghostfucker <<<<<<
>>>>>> anon <<<<<<
>>>>>> Instab <<<<<<
>>>>>> cloud99 <<<<<<
>>>>>> illusive <<<<<<
>>>>>> molosse <<<<<<
>>>>>> --->HDBD<--- <<<<<<

Supplied by:

>>>>>> SB-Innovation <<<<<<

Original Mod by:

>>>>>> Shu <<<<<<

Change Log:

+ Fix PerfectSpoof sending User-Agent to tracker

+ Integrated Peer Injector 0.3 by anon

+ Perfect Spoof 2 by ghostfucker

+ uTorrent ID Generator

+ Modifiable Client Files

+ Ghostleech

+ LTEP Fixes

+ Multiple peerlist entries fixed

+ More No Report Options

+ (Fake Upload) Stop faking when swarm speed is zero

+ Upload Kicker

+ Ratio Tool

+ Synced with latest LegitBly Mod

+ (Upload Multiplier) Show as seeder

+ (SBI-Hack Torrentview) Scrollbars added

+ Fix Tracker Update Interval Divider

+ Use Swarm Peers fixed

+ Updated core to BiglyBT



1. Download the latest OpenJDK Java. It must be Java version 15 or higher. (JDK GA Release).
2. Download and install the latest non-beta BiglyBT release (BiglyBT - Download). Do not open BiglyBT after installation.
3. BACK UP YOUR TORRENT LIST! IT IS LIKELY YOU WILL LOSE IT! You must export your torrents. Copying or exporting / importing old configurations will not work.
4. Extract the hack files using 7-Zip (7-Zip Download) or equivalent to %PROGRAMFILES%\BiglyBT (C:\Program Files\BiglyBT) and overwrite ALL files.
5. Delete the "jre" folder in %PROGRAMFILES%\BiglyBT (C:\Program Files\BiglyBT).
6. Open the OpenJDK archive downloaded in step 1 and extract the "jdk-XX" folder to the BiglyBT folder %PROGRAMFILES%\BiglyBT (C:\Program Files\BiglyBT).
7. Rename the extracted "jdk-XX" folder to "jre".
8. Run Notepad as Administrator and open %PROGRAMFILES%\BiglyBT\BiglyBT.exe.vmoptions (C:\Program Files\BiglyBT\BiglyBT.exe.vmoptions), append the following line:
NOTE: If you want to run BiglyBT-console.exe perform step 8 but instead create file "BiglyBT-console.exe.vmoptions"


9. Run BiglyBT and Enjoy!


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