03 August 2007

7-Zip 4.52 Beta for Windows and Linux 32bit and 62bit

Changes in 7-Zip 4.52 Beta:
3th, August 2007
7-Zip 4.52 beta was released.

What's new:
- 7-Zip now can unpack Compound files (msi, doc, ...).
- Some bugs were fixed

There was bug in CAB decompressing code. So 7-Zip could not extract some CAB archives. Please call "Test" command in 7-Zip 4.52 for your CAB archives to check that fixed code is correct.

Compound files don't use compression.


Compound File Binary Format (CFBF) is a format originally developed by Microsoft for on-disk storage of data using the IStorage COM object and the OLE32 StgCreateStorageEx, StgOpenStorageEx, etc API calls.

At its simplest the Compound File Binary Format is a container, with little restriction on what can be stored within it.

Internally a CFBF file loosely resembles a FAT filesytem. The file is partitioned into Sectors which are chained together with a File Allocation Table (FAT, aka Sector Allocation Table for disambiguation) which contains chains of sectors related to each file, a Directory holds information for contained files with a Sector ID (SID) for the starting sector of a FAT chain and so on.

Homepage: http://www.7-zip.org/
Discussion: @sourceforge

Download site @Sourceforge all Versions

Developer: Igor Pavlov


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