31 December 2009

eMule 0.49c - Xtreme.7.2 -LPE- 29.12.09


eMule0.49c Xtreme 7.2 -LPE-


+ New smooth Icons
+ Fixed filestatus icon, error icon was shown on file hashing


+ Now all standard eMule language dll's can be used
+ Added forgotten error warning icon for show filestatus icons
+ Some Icons changed

-LPE- 29.012.09



eMule0.49c-Xtreme.7.2-LPE-29.12.09.no.upx.rar 2.53 MB
eMule0.49c-Xtreme.7.2-LPE-29.12.09.rar 2.52 MB

Herzlichen Dank an morph4u!

Happy New Year!


winmann said...


SharkX v1.7 - 03/01/10 final

based on AcKroNiC v5.4 (eMule 0.49c)

remove : ASF
remove : Global HL (Stulle)
add : Optional funnynick display (SiRoB)
add : folder ICONS (MoNKi)
add : Resource Bar (WiZaRd)
add : AutoHL (WiZaRd)
add : Show src totals (taz)
add : Upload feedback from Xtreme 6.1 (IcEcRacKer)
add : slots are sorted by score (taz)
add : slots are resorted on friend slot or shared file priority / PS changed by user (zz idea)
chnage : mod version check "host name"
change : mod support forum links
change : default region for connection wizard to Israel
change : modstr SharkX
change : mod icons + options side banner
change : upload list layout
change : adjust Sivka file settings to AutoHL (taz)
change : region for connection wizard derived from OS locale / lang (taz)
change : adjust drop system & Sivka file setting to AutoHL (taz)
change : adjust Client Analyzer to funnynick (taz)
change : adjust for fairness - 9 < maxupload < 20 => maxdownload = maxupload*16 (taz)
change : optimization of CUploadQueue::ReSortUploadSlots (taz)

Main changes :

1. Upload bandwidth utilization is match higher.
2. Slotfocus opens not too many trickles slots and when selecting more than 1 slot (i.e. non slotfocus) - slots speed is balanced (most of the time).
3. Upload slots are sorted by client score so that unused upload bandwidth will be given to higher score clients.
4. Heavy leechers are not enjoying Power Share, and they loose their waiting time upon first detection.
5. Few old bugs / misses (by me) are fixed.

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