12 March 2010

eMule 0.49c XdP 5.1 RC3

eMule v0.49c XdP 5.1 RC3

UPDATE : updated ClientAnalyzer to newest version (WiZaRd)
UPDATE : updated AICH Security to newest version (WiZaRd)
UPDATE : updated ECR to newest version (Spike2)
ADD : added NeoMule QuickStart (Xanatos)
ADD : added Source Cache (Xman)
ADD : added SUIBan v1.7 (pP)
ADD : added complete SafeHash code (Slugfiller,Sirob)
ADD : added Flush Thread (Sirob)
ADD : added Automatic shared files updater (Monki,Stulle)
ADD : added More GPLEvilDoers (WiZaRd)
ADD : added PowerRelease (umeK,some code from Xtreme/Xman)
ADD : added variable Friend-Boost (umeK)
ADD : added Multi ChunkTransfer for PowerRelease & Friends (umeK)
ADD : added new SlotControl (some Code from Xman/JVA)
ADD : added Drop blocking clients (Stulle/JVA)
ADD : added Improved Upload Caching (WiZaRd/Fix by TaZ)
ADD : added double Lucas (Slugfiller)
ADD : added HashProgress (o2)
ADD : show files on PowerRelease in bold (umeK)
ADD : added an option to hide complete files + fast reload (umeK)
ADD : added new Kick System [with setable max. Sessiontime,Drop blocking clients,
Strict limit & show RemainingUp in Uploadlist Column...] (SlugFiller,WiZaRd,umeK)
CHANGE : more infos to FileFeedback (umeK)
CHANGE : no Multi Chunks for Leecher (umeK)
CHANGE : Files on PowerRelease bypass the Upload Management and additional Punishment (umeK)
CHANGE : No Kick on Strict Limit for files on PowerRelease (umeK)
CHANGE : Redesigned ClientDetailDlg (BlueSonicBoy,JVA)
CHANGE : adapted PowerRelease to DLULPrioExtension (umeK)
CHANGE : color connected server in blubold & grey out dead servers (Xman/BlueSonicBoy)
CHANGE : adapt CA Infos to ClientDetailDlg (taz)
CHANGE : cleaned and optimized Modstring code (umeK)
CHANGE : better checks for BadGuy Detection (umeK)
CHANGE : some changes on TreeControl/Menu [grey out stuff,resort Options & string changes] (umeK)
CHANGE : rewritten some parts from XS system (umeK)
CHANGE : add some improvements to Reask Management (umeK)
CHANGE : added more infos to -XdP- Stats (umeK)
CHANGE : changed showing of BadGuy icon [don't show it for friends,show also if GPLEvilDoer] (umeK)
CHANGE : some changes on additional Punishment to work better with disabled Upload Management (umeK)
CHANGE : adapt Global SourceLimit to Source Cache (umeK)
OPTIMIZE : Optimization, completedsize (MorphXT)
OPTIMIZE : optimization for large shared filelist (MorphXT)
OPTIMIZE : some improvements on eXpanded Credits (umeK)
OPTIMIZE : expand intern Friend-Control (umeK)
OPTIMIZE : no PowerRelease Boost for Leecher (umeK)
FIX : fixed the show of IP2C Flags on all Lists (umeK, to morph4u)
FIX : fixed a Bug on PPG General [PreventStandby,forgotton code] (umeK)
FIX : fixed a Crashbug on PPGTweaks (umeK)
FIX : Publish small incomplete files fix (WiZaRd)
FIX : added QueueSize FiX (WiZaRd)
FIX : fixed a Bug on Creditsystem [overflow] (umeK)
FIX : fixed a Bug on Kick System (umeK)
FIX : added Fix Filtered Block Request (SiRob)
FIX : fixed a Bug on QRDIFF (umeK)
FIX : fixed a Problem on SySInfo (morph4u/umeK)
REMOVE : removed old SlotLimiter (pP)
REMOVE : removed ShareLevel [I personally don't like the 0Upload...love it or hate it] (umeK)
REMOVE : removed old Kick Systems (umeK)
REMOVE : removed old QuickStart (TPT)
REMOVE/CHANGE/ADD/FIX/OPTIMIZE : many many other things around the mod...
2.82 MB


spanier said...

Klasse Mod,läuft echt super kann man nur empfehlen...

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