19 March 2010

eMule 0.50a BETA 2

   eMule 0.50a BETA2

Changelog since eMule 0.50a Beta 1:
- Mar, 19. 2010 -
.: Updated MiniUPnPlib to the latest version
.: The download commands toolbar now handles closing by pressing the X while in floating mode properly
.: The icons of the download commands toolbar are now properly drawn gray if disabled on WinXP and older Windows versions

- Mar, 17. 2010 -
.: The new Windows7 taskbar features will no longer vanish when minimizing eMule to the system tray
.: Updated libpng to the latest version (libpng 1.5.0beta15 > libpng-1.4.1)
.: The lables of the download commands toolbar are now properly adjusted immediately when switching to another language
.: The archive preview tab has now a context menu to update the contents as replacement for the "Update" button
.: Fixed a bug in handling part.met files which could cause corrupted parts if eMule paused the file due to insufficient diskspace
.: Fixed a small visual glitch when resizing the shared files list while the new tabs were hidden
.: fixed minor memleak in kad keyword storing [tHeWiZaRdOfDoS]

- Mar, 14. 2010 -
.: Fixed the background color of the new Kad graph if custom themes/colors are enabled
.: eMule now selects the default color of the system icon tray speedbar depending on the color of your taskbar icon area, to avoid show a dark/bright bar on a dark/bright background
.: Fixed a crashbug in the new download commands toolbar (this bug was responsible for nearly all crashes you might have seen in Beta1).
.: Active searches are now automatically shown in the new Kad graph by default and eMule remembers the setting (can be switched in the contextmenu of the graph)
.: Fixed a small bug with itemdeletion when closing eMule [JvA]
.: Fixed a small bug regarding Kad search tolerance [Famerlor]

HP: http://sourceforge.net/projects/emule/ ; http://forum.emule-project.net/index.php?showtopic=148843


eMule0.50a_BETA2.zip 2.9 MB 2010-03-19

eMule0.50a_BETA2-Installer.exe 3.4 MB 2010-03-19

eMule0.50a_BETA2-Sources.zip 6.0 MB 2010-03-19

For ISDN, GPRS, 56k and less -- slow speed internet connections (no up/down Ratio):
eMule0.50a_BETA2-NoRatioLimits.7z 1.97 MB


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