18 March 2013

eMule 0.50a - StulleMule Private 7.0 by Engo3k

StulleMule Private by Engo3k
Build: Jan 16 2011
+Show all infos on title
+Show Session Download
+Aktive permission
+Don't Ban community/Friends
+UpPrios Whith-PS in DL-List
+PBF 1MB-start for part/finished Files
+Bold for Friend & Unlimitedslot
+Ask Server/Clients for new sources
+Commboost/Frindboost setable [2-500 1=Off]
+Anticom/Mod/Qr-Full - Reduce Score setable
+Commboost/AntiMod/Anticomm/Qr-Vol - Color to designer settings
+Save Last Request
+Push Part Files
+Many standard icons
+Cusomable Priority
+Release Boost for part finished files [2-40 1=Off]
+FileReaskTime [21-55]
+See onuploadqueue/feedback
+Max client upload time [5-360 mins]
+Max chunks to transfer [1-10]
+Remove block ratio [BR] clients
+Total UpDown column with pos./neg. colors - green/red
+drop client (to another file)
+Reask single
+Unlimited Slot
+Clear Banlist
+Client-BAN-Time [1-24H]
+Kick Single/All Upload Slots
+Clientsdetails editable for Copy/Paste to AntiCom/Mod
+Clients Share Visiblity + Color to designer settings
+Show IP [ClientDetailDialog]
+Don't remove spare trickle slot in UploadList for Client datarate
+Reducefactor for Leecher to 0 or 10-100% 100%=Off
-zZ-Ratio Restrictions
-PowerShare restrictions for partfile
-Friend restrictions [zzRatio 3KB/s to ->0KB/s = Unlimited]
-Slot Limiter restrictions ->[2-255]
-Server ads
fix: SharedFilesCtrl. Permissionmenu(menu-title) has shown priority and not permission
ED2K Download Link:


Heidi said...

Best mod thx a lot!

Rhino said...

thanx for
-zZ-Ratio Restrictions
+Clients Share Visiblity + Color to designer settings
-Slot Limiter restrictions ->[2-255]


Admin said...

I have the same problem with ISP 1&1 on rented Telekom line. Upload speed is just 7 - 12 kb/s by download of 3 - 5 MB/s. Can't use all the cloud backup solutions online and share only files of a few MB most below 12 mb. All I can do is using FreeArc with highest compression settings that save some mb compared to winrar eg.: with winrar 5 mb mostly with FreeArc 3 mb or less big.

Done a custom light sfx module so that the user don't need FreeArc to extract and share as self extracting exe files.

ren said...

I have solved using a vpn.
generally vpn encrypt traffic to 1028 blowfish!
isp cannot sniff packet with this high level of encryption.

CombiGan said...

unlimited slot seem not function

engo3k said...

Unlimited Slot * (Max client upload time [5-360 mins])

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