18 March 2013

eMule v0.50a UltiMatix v5.0 by Engo3k

eMule v0.50a [UltiMatix v5.0]
Based on [SaintAngel]
Engo3K changes for eMule v0.50a [UltiMatix v5.0]
Build: Dec 04 2012
Update to MorphXT v12.7
Build: Jun 17 2012
+ATWL - Advanced Transfer Window Layout
+Fine Credit System
Build: May  6 2012
+High Speed Upload Timer[Start 500 KB/s]
+Manual Client Management
+RequestedFilesDialog with Client Mangement
+BlockRatio change to UpSpeed
Build: Jan 11 2010
+Check already downloaded files
+Active Permission
-Saintangel removed all fixes from old magic angel
Build: Dec 18 2010
+Drop sources + dropIcons + auto drop immunity
+Sivka File Settings>(adjustable per file)
+UNBAN detected leecher - DownloadList/ClientList/QueueList
+Ask Clients For New XS Sources
+Ask Server For New Sources
+add don't drop complete sources [taz] : simplified version due to the change of show # of dropped sources
+change show # of dropped sources : shift m_ShowDroppedSrc to CDownloadQueue::RemoveSourceAndDontAsk
+fix show # of dropped sources : count only dropped
+fix CUPnP_IGDControlPoint : don't rely in module pointer which is "0"ed on constructor [taz]
+fix ICS preview priority [taz] : piority values were reversed
Build: Dec  4 2010
+Updated to MorphXT v12.5
+PowerShare for WebInterface
+High resulution speedmeter on toolbar
+Limit PS by amount of data uploaded (% of file size)
+server.met url (ServerWind.)
-server ads
+Automatic shared files updater
+Don't Ban community/Friends
+UpPrios Whith-PS in DL-List
+PBF 1MB-Start<(adjustable) for Part&Finished Files
+Bold for Friend & Unlimitedslot
+CommColor orange
+Newest MediaInfo.dll from [MorphCA]
+eMule Skin from "Cloudas" (Skin profile eMule) to bin package from [MorphCA]
+HDD Protect - Increased max File Buffer Size to 40 MB with steps of 500 KB
+HDD Protect - Slidebar on "extended settings" to select Buffer Time Limit (1-30 mins)
+Save Last Request - SharedFilesWindow
+Share Permission -Hide/Comm/Friend/All
+Many icons
+Push Part Files [2-20] (0=Block!)
+Push Finished Files [2-20] (0=Block!)
+Average Queue Ranking
+Show Session Download
+Fixed Release Boost + for partfiles (not Release Bonus [X-Ray])
+Color red for PowerShare Files up/queuelist
+FileReaskTime for NNS & Unknown Src. to [20-58] mins
+See onuploadqueue/feedback
+Max client upload time [5-360] mins
+Multi chunk transfer
+remove block ratio (BR:) clients
+Total UpDown column with pos./neg. colors - green/red
+Unlimited Slot
+Clear Banlist
+AntiQRFull [1=off-0.01 Max] + 0 Score + No PS + UpKick 
+AntiCommunity [1=off-0.01 Max] + 0 Score + No PS + UpKick
+AntiMod [1=off-0.01 Max] + 0 Score + No PS + UpKick
+Punish for Non SUI Clients [0 Score/*0.1/*0.2/off] - Argos
+Friend Boost [2-500]
+Community Boost [2-500]
+Custom Prioritys
+Client-BAN All List
+Client Ban-Time [0-24h]
+Color for LowID/Friend/PowerShare/PBF/Community/Unlimited Slot
+Reask single Clients in Transfer Windows
+Push to Upload from downloadClientList & queuelist
+Drop Client in Transfer Windows (to another File)
+Whois-Client Provider Info all Lists
+GeoIP-IP Location Finder-Karte all Lists
+MSS Settings [=MTU-40]
+Slot Limiter [2-255]
+Kick All Upload Slots
+Kick single Upload Slot
+Clients Share Visiblity (Pink)
+Upload nur an eMule Clients
+Adjustable Modname
+Client Details copyable for better add to anticomm/mod
+UBT for client Datarate
+Don't remove spare trickle slot in UploadList
to disable Slotfocus Use Client datarate (KB/s) & d'rst-slot off
-PowerShare restrictions for partfile
-Friends restrictions (zzRatio 3KB/s to ->0KB/s = Unlimited)
-Remove some Release Nick/Mods (AntiLeech+MagicAntileech.dll)
Changelog for eMule v0.50a [SaintAngel v1.2.1/1.1]
Based on MorphXT
Add: Show KAD flags&IP [X-Ray]
Added: Shared file extension filter(don't share them)[dolphinx/changed by angvil]
Added: Show runtime&nick on title [MorphCA]
Added: Some mod icons
Changed:  change user-agent to 'Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1) Gecko/20100722 Firefox/3.6.8'
Removed:Some codes
Added: Release Bonus [X-Ray]
Added: Show CPU&RAM useage [StulleMule/Katana]
Added: Show User IP
Changed:  Some small changed


ed2k Link:ed2k://|file|eMule_v0.50a_UltiMatiX_v5.0_11.12.2012.engo3k.rar|4938550|56BC3D2037B007665B8348FD8B50F6B8|h=VHB6YLIMSCPOY5POWFLVKK36FORQ4GCR|/


Septo said...

This is a NEW release?

Admin said...

Not so new but I think it wasn't posted before and a newer Version does not exists or did u found a newer Version?

Septo said...

Thank's for reply,
No i have not found a newver version.
It seemed to me the same as the previous release.
If you can, pls explain in Options - Ultimatix what is AC - QR?
There are many expression in german that i can't understand.
There is a detailed guide for this amazing mod?
Can you post a link to contact the developer?
Thanks for you time and the work done.


Admin said...

This mod have indeed a lot of functions. I will sit here and write half a day to explain them all. Please can you write down in a comment only this features which u don't understand and I will do my best to help.

Engo3k the developer sometimes pass by here and read your message maybe he can better tell you or explain all the features and how to use them. They have a homepage. Its a German Forum. The Website is in the mod logo banner written and in my links here right site: http://www.ultimativ-board.org/

Septo said...

Thank's a lot, i have tried to subscribe on your site but is very difficult for me explain in german language.
You are very kind to help me, I am grateful.
If possible I would like to ask you some questions to use your beautiful mod to the fullest extent.
1) Max anzahl der ubertragenen chunks
2) Max client uploadzeit in min.
3) Entferne blockierende clients.
I apologize for the many questions, but I really like your mod and it's really complete and I would like to learn how to use all the options.
I would also like to know if in the future, do you think to implement the Client Analyzer. If not, why?
In the future it will be possible to have two different versions, one with the CA, and the other not? (as for the Ackronik)
There will be new versions of UltiMatix in the future?
Thanks in advance for your patience.
Long life and prosperity. \\\ //


groscon said...


sytek said...

great mod

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