10 January 2007

eMule 0.47c Spike2 0.9


|crazy - funky - as fast as "Speedy the cat"|
| Whatever you do - you can't stop the |

Spike2 0.9
ADDED : IntelliFlush (by WiZaRd, from the emulefuture-Mod) --> can be turned on/off in the Tweaks-PrefPage
ADDED : ModIconMapper (by WiZaRd, from the emulefuture-Mod) with many new ModIcons & ModStrings (added by Spike2)
ADDED : Powershare (WiZaRd's Implementation from Tombstone-Mod)
-->NOTE: Powershare on partfiles isn't possible. (disabled by Spike2)
ADDED : Prevent USS-Spam (by WiZaRd)
ADDED : QRETA (by Slugfiller, taken from emulefuture-Mod)
ADDED : Save Friendupload-Slot (by WiZaRd, from Tombstone-Mod)
ADDED : Security-Patch in ListenSocket.cpp (by WiZaRd, taken from the emulefuture-Mod)
ADDED : Server-Message-Filter (by WiZaRd, taken from the emulefuture-Mod)
ADDED : SharedView Ed2kType (by Avi3k and WiZaRd, taken from the emulefuture-Mod)
ADDED : ShowQDifference (by itsonlyme from SF-IOM, taken from emulefuture-Mod)
ADDED : SpreadReask deactivated for Xtreme-Mods (Spike2)
BUGFIX : AntiCorruption - fixed by WiZaRd (could cause files to "hang" at 99,9 %)
BUGFIX : Context-Fix in ChatSelector (by WiZaRd)
BUGFIX : Crash-Bug in MMSocket - Fix by XMan
BUGFIX : Enhanced Client Recognization: Fix in recognizing eMulePlus-Version
BUGFIX : Protocol-Obfuscation: Small fixes (i.e. Connect, show port // by WiZaRd)
BUGFIX : SafeHash - Memleak-Fix by WiZaRd
BUGFIX : Several small fixes and optimizations from WiZaRd's Tombstone-Mod and from the emulefuture-Mod
BUGFIX : XS-Workaround / Fix (by WiZaRd & Xanatos)
CHANGED: Colours in file-status (by Xman from Xtreme; Feature request from Blomy)
CHANGED: Dynamic Block Requests: Small changes by WiZaRd (taken from Tombstone-Mod)
CHANGED: First Start maximized (by WiZaRd, taken from the emulefuture-Mod)
CHANGED: Friendslot-behaviour when VQB-FullChunk is selected (now more than one chunk is transferred, Spike2)
CHANGED: SLS: LowID-sources are saved, too - except we are a LowID-client ourself ! (Spike2)
CHANGED: Show active downloads in bold (setting applies immediately and doesn't need a restart any longer - changes
by Shadow2004 and WiZaRd, taken from the emulefuture-Mod)
CHANGED: Small redesign of the "Security-Options"-page to make it easier for the user
REMOVED: AntiCreditHack (useless, because CreditHacks are already handled by official code // Spike2)
REMOVED: Don't show Splashscreen on old Windows to avoid crash (from Xtreme Mod) --> not needed with Standard-Splash
REMOVED: MSS-Setting (not used in Spike2-Mod, if it will ever be used by official codebase, your chosen MTU-value minus 40
will be used as MSS-Setting (Spike2)
UPDATED: Reconnect Kad on IP-Change by XMan (from Xtreme)
UPDATED: Some parts of the ClientAnalyzer (by WiZaRd) - XS-Spammers are now correctly punished

Spike2 0.8
-->CODEBASE: Updated to eMule 0.47c
-->CODEBASE: Merged with netF's ESE 1.0b-Mod (nearly complete merge), @netF: PLEASE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !!!!
-->CODEBASE: Added WiZaRd's ingenious ClientAnalyzer from Tombstone-Mod...a great piece of work. THANX WIZARD !!!!
==>NOTE: This release should be the right one for all Webcache-Users icon_smile.gif Big thanx @ maloXP for his good thoughts and
feature requests about Webcache. Please test the changes and post stats @ http://www.emulefuture.eu !!
==>THANX FLY OUT TO MY BETA-TESTERS (listed in no special order): Jojo, magicm13, GrafBerg, ChrisCornell, Blomy, emulefan83
==>THANX FOR HELPFULL COMMENTS TO (listed in no special order): eMuleGott, WiZaRd, JvA, Xman
ADDED : AntiShape (by netfinity, taken from ESE-Mod 1.0b)
ADDED : Automatic AntiLeecher-Options-Check (prevents using incompatible settings; by Spike2)
ADDED : *** ClientAnalyzer 1.4ß from TombStone 1.55RC by WiZaRd...@ WiZ: Great work, thanx for this !! ***
ADDED : Dynamic Block Requests (by netfinity, taken from ESE-Mod 1.0b)
ADDED : Extra Kad-Logging (from MorphXT 9.0)
ADDED : Flush Thread (by SiRoB from MorphXT, taken from netfinity's ESE-Mod 1.0b)
ADDED : Forgot to mention in older changelogs: Enabled STRG+F in Transferwindow
ADDED : Full Chunk Upload switchable: None, Official- or VQB-method (Spike2, VQB's FullChunk taken from Tombstone 1.55RC) -
You can even switch during running upload-sessions smile.gif !
ADDED : Infinite Queue (by Slugfiller, from SF-IOM)
ADDED : MessageFlash (by Slugfiller, from SF-IOM)
ADDED : ReadBlockFromFileThread (by SiRoB from MorphXT, taken from netfinity's ESE-Mod 1.0b)
ADDED : Reask sources after IP-change v2 (main parts by maella, modified by Xman and Stulle, changed for Spike2-Mod by Spike2,
taken from StulleMule 4.0)
ADDED : SafeHash (by Slugfiller, taken from netfinity's ESE-Mod 1.0b)
ADDED : Show ModVer in Queuelist (by WiZaRd, from Tombstone 1.55RC)
ADDED : Show related source coloured (by WiZaRd, from Tombstone 1.55RC)
ADDED : SlotFocus (very simple variant, Spike2)
ADDED : Variable compression - switchable in "Upload Management" (reduces CPU usage at high upload rates; by netfinity,
taken from ESE 1.0b)
ADDED : Webcache-Statistic (from MorphXT 9.0)
BUGFIX : Cleaned up the code here and there smile.gif
BUGFIX : Countless fixes and optimizations from WiZaRd, incl. CPU-Saving fixes (mostly from Tombstone 1.55RC)
BUGFIX : ECR: Bugfix in EmulePlus-Version-detection (by Eniq)
BUGFIX : ECR & Emulates: Fixes in detecting and emulating MLdonkey (WiZaRd), Small fix in emulating (Spike2)
BUGFIX : Various fixes from various mods smile.gif
BUGFIX : "Webcache & eMule > 0.47b"-Fix by Aireoreion from iONiX-Mod - THANX !!
CHANGED: Better Tagging in the code (Spike2)
CHANGED: Emulate MLdonkey (small change, Spike2)
CHANGED: FileBufferSize max. is now 15,5 MB again
CHANGED: FileBufferTimeLimit may be increased up to 20 minutes (instead of 10 minutes)
CHANGED: Forgot to mention in 0.7er Changelog: Merged changelog entries for Spike2 0.6 BETA1, BETA2 and Final
CHANGED: Small Addon in XMan's compression evaluation in AbstractFile.cpp (Spike2)
CHANGED: Some preferences-defaults (Spike2)
CHANGED: Some small changes around Spooky-Mode's ConChecker (from Cyrex2001-Mod)
CHANGED: Standard-Nick
CHANGED: Webcache changes inspired by maloXP:
* Webcache-capable sources - with the same proxy as we use - aren't dropped by the DropSources feature (can be switched on
or off in the Download Management; Spike2)
* enhanced the little "Webcache-Addon" from v0.1 (Spike2)
* Maximum proxy connections raised from 10 to 15 (Spike2)
* Threshold for temporary webcache-desactivation raised from 100 to 200 not successful requests (Spike2)
REMOVED: Avi-3k's Fix for new message log entry (not needed with ClientAnalyzer)
REMOVED: Dazzle's Faster Endgame (DFE) (due to implementation of netfinity's Dynamic Block Requests - Spike2)
REMOVED: GetClosestTo-Kad-Patch from Unknown1 - implemented in 0.47b
REMOVED: "Releaser-Options"-Preferences Page (makes no sense at all, the planned options will move to the "Upload
REMOVED: Webcache-Trustlevel-changes...now back to standard (Spike2)
REMOVED: XMans Chunk selection patch (not needed for 0.47b+)
UPDATED: WebCache updated to MorphXT 9.0-codebase (Spike2)
UPDATED: WiZaRd's Automatic Kademlia Firewall Retries (from Tombstone 1.55RC)
UPDATED: WiZaRd's Relax on Startup (from Tombstone 1.55RC)

Spike2 0.6
REMOVED: Xman save 2nd sort criterion (not needed in 0.46c anymore)
UPDATED: BanList (again & again icon_smile.gif & ULTRA-Leecher-Secure (Spike2)
UPDATED: Dazzle's faster endgame to work with 0.46c (old implementation caused the "yellow bug")
UPDATED: Emulate eDonkey, eDonkeyHybrid, MLdonkey (Spike2)
UPDATED: Mark LowIDs by Xman (from Xtreme-Mod, added in DownloadClientsCtrl due to 0.46c-Merge)
UPDATED: SNAFU-Tags (from Xtreme Mod)
UPDATED: Webcache from 1.9a(b3) to 2.0b1 (Webcache by JP, Superlexx, Yonathan)
UPDATED: zlib from 1.1.4 to 1.2.3 (due to 0.46c-Merge)
==>NOTE: Big Thanx @WiZaRd for answering numerous questions of mine !!!!

Spike2 0.5
ADDED : Don't kill client if we are the only one complete source, it's a friend or a proxy (from MorphXT)
ADDED : Don't kill source if it's the only one complete source, it's a friend, a proxy or not ed2kclient (from MorphXT)
ADDED : Emulate lPhant (Spike2)
ADDED : ENHANCED Emulate Shareaza (Spike2; thanx to Wizard for many helpfull tips and explanations,
thanx to the nextEMF-team for implementing the first version in an updated way - i took this one,
too and updated the emulated Shareaza-Version to v2.1.2 icon_smile.gif) --> Spike2 added: newer eDonkey-
Protocol-Version from Shareaza is emulated as well --> Shareaza <> I recommend increasing this value, if you
have increased the filebuffer-size (Spike2)
ADDED : Friendhandling from all windows (by Xman, from Xtreme Mod)
ADDED : Option to turn "80% score for non-SI-Clients" on or off (under "Upload Management")
ADDED : Recognize newer eDonkeyHybrid-Versions (Spike2)
ADDED : Send ModVersion in MuleInfoPacket too, not only in HelloTypePacket (from iONiX)
ADDED : Settings for Spike2-ModLog (under "Look+Feel Options")
ADDED : Show correct lPhant-Version (Spike2)
ADDED : Show LowIDs by Xman (from Xtreme Mod)
ADDED : XMans save second sort criterion for downloadlistcontrol (from Xtreme Mod)
BUGFIX : Hotfix to avoid crash in FriendListCtrl.cpp (from MorphXT)
BUGFIX : Many small fixes & optimizations (from some other mods, look at the tags)
BUGFIX : Repaired faulty Optimizer-implementation
BUGFIX : Wizard's Memleak-Fix in WebcacheClient.cpp
BUGFIX : Wizard's "Fix for closed" in ChatSelector.cpp (from iONiX)
CHANGED: Min./Max.Slots - Min.Slots-minimum is 1, maximum 200; Max.Slots-minimum is 2,maximum 250
CHANGED: ModLog - now it is possible to give the status-bar-bool here (Spike2)
CHANGED: ModLogLines - now with tags, i.e. [BANNED] (idea from nextEMF)
CHANGED: MOD_VERSION-code (now done by CurrentVersionLong, by wizard)
REMOVED: Ban Powermule, Plus Plus & Lionheart, so that the original system with setting them as "GPL-
evildoers can work" (and added the newer Lionheart-Tags to the GPLevildoer-section)
REMOVED: Block MLdonkey-messages ("Please update...") from iONiX (Not needed anymore)
UPDATED: BanList (again...)
UPDATED: Emulate-settings (now using wizard's optimized code from iONiX 4.21)
UPDATED: Emulate mlDonkey (big thanx to Torni!!)
UPDATED: Recognizing eDonkeyHybrid-Version (from 0.46a...Spike2-Mod will soon be
merged to 0.46 completly - promised icon_smile.gif !)
UPDATED: Wizard's AntiLeechClass to the newer version from iONiX 4.21 (by Wizard)

Spike2 0.4
ADDED : 80% score for non-SI-clients (from Xtreme Mod)
ADDED : Anti-CreditHack (from MorphXT)
ADDED : Find best sources by Xman (from Xtreme Mod)
ADDED : Modstring related stuff (Splashscreen, Credits)
ADDED : Show ModString in ClientDetails (from Xtreme Mod)
ADDED : Variable ClientBanTime (from iONiX)
ADDED : XMans Chunk selection patch (from Xtreme Mod)
BUGFIX : Code-fix by Maella in ListenSocket.cpp (from Xtreme Mod)
BUGFIX : Fixed an official bug in banning clients (from Xtreme Mod)
BUGFIX : Security fix by Maella in Server.cpp (from Xtreme Mod)
CHANGED: A small change in Partfile.cpp to log "Dazzle's faster endgame" events in the
ModLog (Spike2)
CHANGED: BanThreshold for CorruptionBlackBox variable...changed uint16 to uint8
CHANGED: Filebuffer-size changed to max. 15,5 MB, Waitingqueue may be changed from 1000 - 30000
CHANGED: SNAFU...i forgot some tags...all tags from eWombat, Phoenix, SWAT and MorphXT are
merged now + anti-CT_friendsharing with friendsharing-ID from MorphXT
CHANGED: Some small bugfixes and changes from Xtreme Mod (Thanx to Xman)
CHANGED: Some small changes in baseClient.cpp: ModLogLine@SNAFU changed, use !IsBanned
CHANGED: Spike2-Mod will not send Ban-Messages anymore
CHANGED: Splash-Screen...now you see: Speedy the cat icon_smile.gif
UPDATE : Updated BanList

Spike2 0.3
ADDED : Dazzle's Faster Endgame (similiar to netfinity's dynamic block requests (?), thanx to dazzle)
ADDED : Sorting by Mod in ClientList, Mod-Statistics (from iONiX and other mods..)
ADDED : Wizard's AntiLeechClass: AntiModThief 2.1, AntiNickThief 2.2, Ban "Crash-Mules"
(from iONiX)
CHANGED: IS_IDNEEDED-change in ClientList by wizard (from iONiX)
CHANGED: S.N.A.F.U. v3.1 (new Tags from eWombat, Phoenix and MorphXT)
UPDATE : Updated BanList (new Darkmule etc.)

Spike2 0.2a (HOTFIX)
BUGFIX : Repaired faulty AUX-ports-support implementation (mea culpa)
BUGFIX : Repaired faulty ListenSocket.cpp (mea culpa, too...)
BUGFIX : Repaired Statistics-bugs
CHANGED: ULTRA-Leecher-Secure: removed *mod neuneu* (all versions), eMulePlus and
NeoMule from BanList

Spike2 0.2
ADDED : AUX-ports support by lugdunummaster (from iONiX)
ADDED : CPU-Optimizer (thanx@JohnArcher, from Xlillo)
ADDED : Slugfiller's SpreadReask (thanx to jacko)
ADDED : Winsock 2.2 (thanx@bobo, from eWombat)

Spike2 0.1
--> CODEBASE: eMule 0.45b
ADDED : BanThreshold for CorruptionBlackBox variable ("Security Options"-Page)
ADDED : Create a map for fastest source adding by IP (from eF-Mod)
ADDED : Emulate MLdonkey, emulate eDonkey, emulate eDonkeyHybrid (from iONiX)
ADDED : Flood ask protection / "Geaiez" (by Dark, from eF-Mod)
ADDED : Min./Max.-Slots (from iONiX)
ADDED : ModLog (from iONiX)
ADDED : MSS-Setting (from iONiX)
ADDED : MTU-Setting incl. Double Sendsize (from XMan)
ADDED : P2P-worm detection at opening eMule (from netF)
ADDED : Preferences Side-Banner (from iONiX)
ADDED : Small Webcache-Addon (Spike2)
ADDED : S.N.A.F.U. v3.1 (partial) (from iONiX)
ADDED : ULTRA-Leecher-Secure (Spike2) : bans almost all known leechers by ModString,
by Username or other Infos, bans GPL-breakers
ADDED : Webcache 1.9a(b3) (BigThanx@Brano, who helped me with this) inkl. 0.45b-fix by Wizard
BUGFIX : Preferences won't be saved on clicking cancel (Fix by Wizard)
BUGFIX : Wizard's Complete source display fix (from iONiX)
BUGFIX : Wizard's Critical section mutex unlock (Fix by Wizard)
BUGFIX : Wizard's Missing Buddy Check (Fix by Wizard)
BUGFIX : Wizard's PC- & WC-timeout fix (from iONiX 4.11)
BUGFIX : Wizard's URL-Client memleak fix (Fix by Wizard)
CHANGED: Credits-Thread: Bluecow is shown under "retired members", Spike is shown as Modder
CHANGED: Own Splash-Screen
CHANGED: Relax some list-cleaning actions to save CPU (by Wizard from iONiX)
CHANGED: Some GUI-Stuff (Icons, etc.)
REMOVED: Scheduler

eMule 0.47c - Spike2 0.9 (2.15 MB)
eMule 0.47c Spike2_0.8.zip (5.33 MB)


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