11 January 2007

eMule 0.47c ZZUL BastarD 1.8.3

Version 1.8.3
Based on ZZUL 0.47c code by zz

* [ADD]PowerRelease: works only for complete files and gives a 100x boost to a file. Files in this status are colored in pink.
* [ADD]FastWeb public IP address ranges added for check agaist illegal clients
* [ADD]Advantages provided to regular clients (including, but not limited to poweshare, small file push and SUQWT) are removed for illegal clients
* [ADD]Postit-like area for adding notes to friends. Will be automatically saved and reloaded at each start-up.
* [ADD]Few shortcuts in Shared Files window for modifing file priorities (works on a multiselection as well)
- [CTRL]+[+] increases priority (till the max = 10)
- [CTRL]+[-] decrease priority (till the minimum = 1)
- [CTRL]+[X] enable autopriority
- [CTRL]+[S] enable PowerShare
- [CTRL]+[R] enable PowerRelease (applied only of the file is complete)
* [ADD]Minimum QR value shown next to number of available sources
* [ADD]NiceMove from Ionix
* [ADD]Reason for score reduction, in order of importance:
- [G] 0.0x - client is GPL breaker
- [V] 0.5x - client version (older than v0.25)
- [I] 0.1x - client is recognized as illegal
- [F] 0.1x - client belongs to Fastweb and has a U:D ratio < 1
- [S] 0.8x - client has unsecure identification
- [R] var - client is beyond FineCS friendly U-D threshold
* [ADD]New columns:
- in Client Upload List : upload contitions [file priority/rating/U-D diff]
- in Known Client List : [rating/U-D diff]
- in Waiting Queue List : U-D diff info added in rating column
- in Shared Files List : For each file amount of completed data or "Complete" description
* [CNG]New list of filtered fake and unsecure servers
* [FIX]Chat log files are now created even though the remote user has unprintable chars in his/her nickname
* Probably some other minor things I have not traced
Note about FastWeb clients: a client belonging to one of FW ranges will be considered illegal if it has uploaded euqlly or less than it has downloaded with respect to us.
Works a pseudo-ban for Adunanza clients that do not upload unless you have uploded to them. This behavior enforces a deadlock. Though, given enough time in the waiting queue, a FW client could be able to get something from us.

Version 1.8.1
Based on ZZUL 0.47a code by zz

* [FIX] Autopriority. Should work fine for files with >55 requests now
* [FIX] Files list sent to server. Now ordered depending on actual file priority
* [FIX] Sorting by file priority in Shared Files list
* [FIX] Internal event timer: average calculations should be working fine now
* [FIX] On completition, file final average speed is updated
* [CNG] Added new formats to the do-not-compress type list: avi,mp3,ac3,mpg,mpeg,7z
* [ADD] Option in File panel to disable popup requester when a link is found in the Clipboard. Helps adding easily files directly from the browser.
* [ADD] Chunks sepatators in Upload List progress bar

Version 1.8.0
Based on ZZUL 0.47a code by zz

* [ADD] Moonlight's SUQWT v2 implementation
* [ADD] Push Small Files for files smaller than 1 chunk (~9.28MB) with independent enable/disable flag for each small file
* [ADD] NiceHash-II to decrease CPU load while hashing complete files
* [ADD] New Fine Credit System which is used to manage heavy leechers only for part files
Two Credit Systems available:
1 - Official
2 - Fine
* [ADD] New priorities range. From 1 to 10 with linear weight.
* [ADD] New list of one way banned Evildoers
* [ADD] Extended tooltip for OS that support it (Win2000, XP, Win2003)
* [ADD] Enlarged search history length. Now max 60 entries are stored.
* [ADD] Friendly slot can be granted on any drop down menu. No need to add a client to the friend list and then grant the friendly slot there.
Clients with slot friends are automatically added to friend list for easy tracking.
* [ADD] Smart Unshare. Warning message when removing from share a file which has few sources
* [ADD] Adopted Morph filenames for credits.met version:
- Official v30 credit format: credits.met
- SUQWT v2 format: credits.met.SUQWTv2.met
- SUQWT v2 backup format: credits.met.SUQWTv2.met.bak
* [ADD] Code optimization for interface speedup from Xman, SiroB and Maella
- Don't draw hidden Rect (SiroB)
- Code Improvement: FillSolidRect (Xman)
* [ADD] PowerShare priority is a separate flag
* [ADD] Autopriority can now work with PS files as well
* [ADD] Import Chunk from another file. (SR13)
* [ADD] Small File Push can be enabled/disabled for each small file
* [ADD] Files in SharedFileList can be listed by ED2K type (Avi-3k)
* [ADD] Chunks that are available by the remote downloading client are coloured in blue. Applies in:
- UploadList window
- QueueList window
* [ADD] Download buffer max size has been extended to 8MB. Flushing time has been set to 3 mins.
* [ADD] Chat sessions are logged as a "per user" file (inipendently by who started the session)
* [ADD] Spam messages aren't logged or signaled in any way
* [ADD] Compression Ratio and Compression Gain in file detail window (requested by bUR)
* [ADD] Chunk Import process can be stopped
Other interface changes:
New columns in Waiting Queue List:
- Actual Queue Rating
- IP Number of clients
- File size
New columns in Shared Files List:
- Share Ratio (ratio between the downloaded and uploaded amount)
- number of cients interested in downloading the file (request by RandomUser)
- Category to which the file belongs to (request by mmorselli)
New columns in Uploading Clients List:
- IP Number of clients
- File size
New columns in Downloading Clients list
- Mod string
New columns in Downloading File List
- SpeedBars v1. Average download speeds for time day/lasthour/total downloading time
* [ADD] Powershared files and Pushed Small File are highlighted with respectively yellow and cyan colors in the Shared File List and in Upload Client List
* [ADD] Files in Shared File List are shown in shades of red-black-green depending on the number of seen complete sources
* [ADD] Shared Info List in file detail panel. In this list all upload sessions for the selected files are shown.
Shown info:
- name of the user who got an upload slot
- software version
- mod string
- rating of the client at the upload session acceptance moment
- amount of uploaded data for the session
- duration of the upload
- the average upload speed
List entry is added at the end of the uploading session.
* [ADD] ChunkDots disappear if they become too frequent to improve readibility.
* [REM] Removed all code relative to IRC
* [REM] Removed all code relative to notification (included send mail)
* [REM] Removed Text To Speech (TTS)
* [REM] AntiLeech code
* [FIX] Chat log. Name of the remote user should be inserted correctly in the log file
* [FIX] Chat log. First session message is now logged
* [FIX] Partial averages calculations
* [FIX] Auto renaming of a collection file after modify
* [FIX] Download time is now not counted for Paused/Stopped files
* [FIX] Various small fixes by Xman1, tHeWiZaRdOfDoS and Avi-3k (who all I thank for their support)
* [CNG] Remaining time calculation in simple mode
* [CNG] FineCS slighly modified with respect to the original implementation:
- Not secure clients (bad SUI) have a 0.80 multiplier (instead of 0.75)
- Before a complete chunk is received, and only up to that moment, punishment threashold is 3 chunks instead of 4.
Should be a small protection against clients that do not upload anything at all.
* [CNG] Partial averages for day and hour
* [CNG] New way to mark chunks in the progress bar
* [CNG] Percentual value in the progress bar is now bold to increase readability

eMule_0.47c_ZZUL_BastarD_1.8.3_bin.rar (1.54 MB)

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