07 November 2007

Bitcomet 0.95 Optimization version - Ads free edition

This version features:
1: In addition to all the advertising (including a Google search).
2: a meticulously comprehensive optimization, increase the maximum speed of the network. Installation version, the only online network you can provide suitable optimization program
3: DHT accelerate
4: fringe BitComet Accelerator3.2 Chinese Version. BitComet Accelerator3.2 is BT download client Bitcomet accelerated plug-in, easy-to-use, according to developers that adopt new technology development BitComet Accelerator can double the speed increase bt download speeds
5: At the request of netizens, retains the left side of the BT Bitcomet release site and BT download sites. We facilitate the search BT resources. Other ads have all been removed. Installation version, are free to choose whether or not to retain.
6: By default closed the chat function
7: BC passes, some people may think there is a need, it has preserved.
8: disable the default http download function, personal feeling is tasteless, also occupied resources. Want to use please enable themselves.
9: integrated ED eDonkey plug-in the latest version.
10: the option of using IP filtering function.
November 6 Update:
1: enhanced installation procedures to provide more installation otions.
2: integrated 0.95 version ED eDonkey plug-ins.
3: During the installation process, you can choose according to the network, select the appropriate optimization program.
4: If you are a Vista system, procedures will be automatically judgment and prompts you to install Vista dedicated TCP patch.
5: In addition to search column
1: Why do I use the time, resources occupy particularly high?
Answer: Open options - Advanced Settings - network connectivity, each of which will connect the largest number of tasks and overall scale reform can meet small that the largest number of connections on up.
2: Why should I visit the Website in BitComet request info not use?
A: BT download bandwidth excessive, affecting the website.
Open the options - network connections, which download speed and upload speed of scale reform can meet small number on the up.

By default only English and Chinese lang files included.

After install copy the \Language files from BitComet original to BitComet installation folder.

Download no installer Version: BitComet0.95.rar (7.21 MB)

Download installer Version: BitComet_0.95.exe (7.07 MB)


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