08 November 2007

Universal Extractor 1.6 no installer Version Updated November

As the name of the software said, almost Universal Extractor is a document from the Almighty, the file type support up to more than 40 kinds. Both simple compressed files such as zip, rar, 7z, or software installation procedures such as Inno Setup, InstallShield, Winodws Installer, some floppy disk or CD-ROM image such as IMG, ISO, and even some of PE files can be packaged in which it will use the documents extracted. The software is very easy to use, only need to be specified documents and extract the target folder, Universal Extractor automatically extract of file types and complete. In resources management through the use of the right mouse button operation, a bond can be more complete extraction. In fact, Universal Extractor is a lot of behind-the-scenes hero of the command-line tools, the real work is extracted from the documents they completed (Universal Extractor itself also supports command line operation). Universal Extractor the many tools focus on the command line together, with a succinct and clear GUI, created a rare outstanding software.

Update for PEID v0.94 + library to identify all the latest plug-in;
Amendment of the bug, more refining operations.

1. Unified language paper path, making it more standardized, modify the default language for the "English", when detected language folder is empty, the automatic release of its multi-language. Fine-tune the programming interfaces to accommodate different language shows.
3. Automatic backup by the way, solve the original Universal Extractor extracts have previously covered in the paper pop-up "from failure" news frames Bug.
4. Perfect integration innounp enhanced version, the real solution package to achieving Inno Setup 5.2.2 version.
5. Update 7z main pieces for the 4.56 version, UnRAR to 3.71 version.
After installation of the kits in to the right-operation on the document can be!
6. unexeshield, and many more exe protector addons in \bin folder


- Support for IS up to 5.2.2 (Inno setup unpack up to V 5.22)
- 7z Plugin 4.56
- UnPe Compact v2.x
- UnRAR 3.71
- ISUnp
- InnounpW
- Updated UPX
- and many more unpacker

Homepage: http://www.legroom.net/software/uniextract

No Install / Update Version Multilanguage

Install Version (older components) only Chinese / English

older Version


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