05 November 2007

eMule 0.48a Razorback 3 Next Generation v4.2

Support for Applejuice Futuremods Snake mods
eMule Applejuice (all Apllejuice mods are exe protected (NTkrnl) with Exe Stealth Packer/Protector 2.7x - v.3.16), Titandonkey coder released:
eMule Razorback 3 Next Generation - v4.2

Changelog 4.2:

- AES 256 Bit Encoding
- Bzip2 Compression
- improved Highspeed Credit System Customization
- introduce new emule.exe Protector (NTkrnl) toolwebmaster securety suite

spezial features:
-adjustable Highspeed Credit System (Applejuice)
- Dual Server Connect
- advanced security features
- Highspeed Community
- Webbrowser

DDL Mirror
Installer Version

Unpacking Log:

Quick Unpack 2.0 final for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista
(c) stripper engine by syd
founded by FEUERRADER [AHTeam]
(c) coded by Archer
14:15:09 - Opened emule.exe
Quick self analyze.... unknown
PESniffer EP Scan: ASProtect v1.23 RC1
PEiD scanning... Nothing found *
14:15:24 - OEP is not correct!
14:15:37 - Some OEP has been detected...00401061
0x00330000 - module ntdll.dll export hooked..
0x00340000 - module kernel32.dll export hooked..
14:15:44 - Target loaded at 0x00400000
14:15:44 - EntryPoint: 00401061
14:15:44 - OEP: 00401061
14:15:44 - Breaked at 00401061
14:15:44 - Dumping...
14:15:44 - Processing import... be patient, it may take some time...
14:15:52 - Import thunks not found! Processing original import...
14:16:41 - Used smart import recovery
14:16:42 - Unpacked file saved as C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\emule__.exe
0x7C900000 - module ntdll.dll unhooked..
0x7C800000 - module kernel32.dll unhooked..
14:16:42 - Done

modname*. futuremods.de

sunpower, wikinger, rockforce, titandonkey, applejuice,... * coded by Snake alias Ekliptor


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