20 December 2007

BitComet 0.98 Beta [20071219]

BitComet Beta Release [Dec 19, 2007]
GUI Improved: BT task peer list support sorting
GUI Improved: BT task peer list display download statusbar of each peer
GUI Improved: HTTP task connection list display download statusbar of each source
GUI Improved: new command in HTTP task context menu: Verify MD5 checksum
GUI Bugfix: task remains in queue after deleted into recycle bin
Core Improved: improve HTTP task download algorithm to avoid download speed decrease near finish
Core Improved: HTTP task support redirect to FTP url
Core Bugfix: preview unfinished HTTP task may cause program crash
Core Bugfix: tasks in recycle bin should not upload for Long-Time Seeding(persistent seeding)

Homepage: http://www.bitcomet.com/doc/download-beta.htm
Download Folder: http://download.bitcomet.com/beta/

Program: BitCometBeta_20071219_setup.exe
Plugin: BitCometBeta_20071219_plugin.exe


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