19 December 2007

µTorrent 2008 MAX

µTorrent 2008 MAX DHT
µTorrent MAX EdiTion 2008 DHT
(%d) %d.%d %d ...
Based on µTorrent 1.7.5 Stable
Full Vista support!
Local peer discovery
Fixes and numerous enhancements
Check home * call homes free
  • BT-SEARCH - Multicast* HTTP/1.1 Host: 2xx.xxx.xxx IP's ported on
  • Send Choke
  • Ip to Country lookup = http://countries.nerd.dk/ (zz.countries.nerd.dk). zz-zone uses ISO 3166 Number codes encoded in the last two octets of the reply.
  • Gui Toolbar Search Redirect: http://search.utorrent.com/search.php?q=%U&e=%U&u=1 will not more submit for stats the Build number (%d) and client id (%d)
  • Speedtest: http://www.speedtest.net/index.php which provides a international wide service
  • Test open Port is still: http://www.utorrent.com/testport.php?port=%d in later builds it will be replaced using for example emule open port test checker service.
  • Online Help urls: RSS Tutorial http://utorrent.com/rsstutorial.php and FAQ http://www.utorrent.com/faq.php suggest to use offline Helpfile: http://download.utorrent.com/utorrent-help.zip or http://www.utorrent-deutsch.de/downloads/utorrent.chm
  • Language Packs: http://utorrent.com/download/langpacks/dl.php?build=4470
  • About Screen: Tetris Game start by hit button (letter) T on your keyboard
  • Traditional Icon Set included
  • No Leecher Mod/Features added, optimized for releaser/seeds and download speed
  • Anonymity independent from Website urls such as update check and other "call homes" services
2 EdiTions
  1. Edition 1 with online Help (http://www.utorrent.com/faq.php)
  2. Edition 2 download offline Help file: utorrent.chm


Edition with online Help (217.00 KB):Download uTorrent 2008 MAX EdiTion uTorrent.exe
Edition with offline Help file (213.00 KB):Download uTorrent 2008 MAX EdiTion uTorrent.exe


uTorrent IP Filter and flags Updater openMedia, ozzy, pawcio.exe (1.73 MB):Download uTorrent IP Filter and flags Updater uTorrent IP Filter Updater openMedia, ozzy, pawcio.exe

Mainline DHT can be boosted by using DHT improved clients such as BitComet's or BitSpirit's DHT svr.

很小巧的BT客户端程序,拥有常见的功能,但是不支持 UDP 的连接协议.内网下载方面也有不错的表现,外网就更不用提了.支持多任务同时下载,支持设置文件下载优先级,可以根据计划任务调整占用的带宽,全局/单个 任务的速度限制,快速断点续传机制,支持 UPnP,支持流行的 BT 扩展协议,支持用户来源交换,支持 DHT,内存占用极小.


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