10 November 2008

Serial Sniffer Creator 2.0

[ Description ]
Serial Sniffer Creator is a Cracking Tool to help you make a serial sniffer for any program and you can use it also as a Loader Creator.
[What new in this version 2.0 ]
1 - New wonderfull skin => thanks to RobenHoodArab <=.
2 - Browse button to choose your target.
3 - Scroller Text.
4 - Color button to choose the scroller text color.
5 - Patch memory that allow you to patch target addresses in memory.
6 - Save Dialog to save the sniffer file to the specified location.
7 - Only receiving HEX values from user.
8 - Default button to write a default How To Use text.
9 - Generating the Sniffer.exe file when starting the program and delete it when closing it.
10 - Update the Sniffer.exe file (New Skin - EditBox for Software Name - EditBox for How to use - Scroller Text).
11 - Support xm music files.
12 - you can now modify the default skin by modifying the skin.ss file with any ResEditor.
13 - Many Bugs Fixed.


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