01 November 2008

eMule 0.49b ROCKFORCE Mod 2.12

Changelog eMule v0.49b ROCKFORCE Mod v2.12:
October, 31. 2008

Applejuice Creditsystem:
- fixed bug Clients were not immeadelty asked for Credit Download in some occasions
- fixed bug Applejuice Credits were not saved on exit if Kad UDP Firewall check got no result
- ask for a new Creditdownload Client if anoher one gets removed from donwnload list (e.g. when he closes eMule)
- increased number of max allowed Creditdownload clients for each download limit

- filter topfiles of modified Applejuice Clients
- improved Anti modified Applejuice Clients
- do not send captcha request to Community Clients

- show Applejuice Statistics in Statistics dialog
- show number of users on upload queue for each file in shared files dialog and Upload Feedback [Xman]

ed2k: eMule.v0.49b.ROCKFORCE.Mod.v2.12.bin.zip
http: eMule.v0.49b.ROCKFORCE.Mod.v2.12.bin.zip 3.01 MB

latest applemuse: eMule 0.49a Applejuice 3.1.2.zip 5.43 MB


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