31 October 2008

eMule 0.49b MorphXT v11.1 Private Fixed Engo3k

eMule 0.49b MorphXT v11.1 Private by Engo3k

Changelog for eMule v0.49b MorphXT 11.1 Fixed and modified by Engo3k


FIX: ban after second successful upload (official MorphXT 11.1)
Changed: better USC with SlotFocus
Added: Transfer Multiple Chunks
Added: Downspeed in Feedback report (WS) from transfer-window

Official Fixes/Changes:

ban after second successful upload: http://forum.emule-project.net/lofiversion/index.php/t139254.html
Sep 21 2008, 10:09 PM
something is wrong with fix for http://forum.emule-project.net/index.php?showtopic=137052
ban after second successful upload
22:27:10: Removing client from upload list: Scheduled for removal: Successful completion of upload. Client: x.x.x.x 'http://emule-project.net' (eMule v0.48a,OnQueue Uploading None) Transferred: 2:43 mins SessionUp: 9.28 MB QueueSessionPayload: 9.28 MB In buffer: 177.67 KB Req blocks: 1 File: a
22:27:10: Client: http://emule-project.net (x.x.x.x), Increased bad request to 2
22:27:10: Banned: Aggressive behaviour; x.x.x.x 'http://emule-project.net' (eMule v0.48a,OnQueue None None)

2?? - UploadQueue.cpp(curently in m11.1)
AddClientToQueue(cur_client,keepWaitingTime); //http://forum.emule-project.net/index.php?showtopic=136682

shouldn`t be

as suggested in http://forum.emule-project.net/index.php?showtopic=136682

Sep 22 2008, 08:25 AM
this has been fixed on the cvs already. anyway, thanks for pointing out.

older Changelog eMule v0.49b MorphXT 11.1 modified by Engo3k

+ADDED: Max Session Transfer Limiter
+REMOVE: No PBF for Part Files
+ADDED: Active Permission (HIDE/Community/Friend)
+CHANGE: don't remove spare trickle slot in UploadList
*to disable Slotfocus Use Client datarate (KB/S) & drst-slot off
+ADDED: Clear Banlist in UploadList & QueueList
+ADDED: Don't Ban Friends
+ADDED: Show Client IP (ClientDetailDialog)
+ADDED: Upload priority from Transfer Windows
+ADDED: Friendboost (*200)
+ADDED: Commboost (*20)
+ADDED: PowerRelease
+ADDED: Reask single Clients in Transfer Windows
+ADDED: Drop Client in Transfer Windows (to another File)
+ADDED: Push to Upload from QueueList & Transfer Windows
+ADDED: Kick All Upload Slots
+ADDED: Kick from Upload
+ADDED: Unlimited Slot
+ADDED: Client-BAN from Upload Transfer & QueueList
+CHANGE: Slot Limiter (1-255)
+ADDED: See onuploadqueue
+CHANGE: PoweShare restrictions for part or finished files to ->800 src.
+REMOVE: Friends restrictions (zzRatio 3KB/s to ->0KB/s = Unlimited)
+ADDED: Coloring for LowID/Friend/PowerShare/PBF/Community/Unlimited Slot
+FIXED: Corrupted userhash ban

Download ed2k:

http: c:\Download\eMulev0.49b.-MorphXTv11.1-src_and_libs\srchybrid\release\emule.exe


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