27 October 2008

eMule 0.49b SBI Leecher v1.7

Name: eMule 0.49b SBI Leecher 1.7

Coder: Butcho

Date: 2008-09-13

Forum: www.sb-innovation.de

Version: eMule 0.49b Original

Special thanks to g_m for all your help...


-add server rotation all 20 minutes [swichable]*
-add uploadslotcontrol [connection preferences]
-add "drop ranking QR > 2500" buttons [transferwindow | downloadlist]
-add "drop NNS/FQ/TM sources" buttons [transferwindow | downloadlist]
-add "push client" button (Waitingqueue)
-add download in color[switchable]*
-show Total/ED2K/KAD/XS source statistics [transferwindow]
-show NNS/FQ/TM source statistics [transferwindow]
-show full client version [transferwindow]
-fixed icon bug [transferwindow]
-changed sidebanner (thx Manas)
-some other code changes
-updated code to 0.49b

v 1.6
-upload only to friends [switchable] *
-disable [XS] send [switchable] *
-add "load/save sources" button [transferwindow | downloadlist]
-add "ask after new sources" button [transferwindow | downloadlist]
-add "Update" menue for ipfilter and ip2country (options)
-add ip2country (fix coded)
-add sidebannder [options]
-show cpu/mem/server [transferwindow]
-show splash on exit (fix coded)
-fixed tool button [maincontrollbar]
-changed fake rank code
-some other code changes...

v 1.5
-queuezise changing [0-10000] (advanced options)
-emulate other clientsoftware (switchable) *
-don't send complete file status (switchable)*
-fake rank (switchable)*
-block spammers (switchable)*
-auto reload shared files if download is complete (fix coded)
-no upload (switchable)*
-no share any files (switchable)*
-no share the incoming folder (switchable)*
-don't send filelist to server (switchable)*
-don't publish filelist in KAD (switchable)*
-add no ratio (fix coded)
-add unlimited search results (fix coded)
-reask client for download (downloadqueue)
-kick all Peers Button (uploadqueue) **
-kick & bann buttons (uploadqueue | downloadqueue | waitingqueue)
-clear banlist buttons (Uploadqueue | downloadqueue | waitingqueue)
-add "SBI" menue" (options)
-add forum link button (maincontrollbar)
-add new splashscreen
-based on emule 0.49a

* you must restart emule that settings take effect...
** you must mark one client that this function works...

Download: eMule 0.49b SBI Leecher v1.7.rar 2.62 MB

Thank You


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