06 October 2008

Nodezilla 0.5.6

Basically, Nodezilla is an experimental grid based p2p system available for Windows and Linux (on Intel platforms).

Technically, Nodezilla is a secured, distributed and fault tolerant routing system (aka Grid Network). Its main purpose is to serve as a link for distributed services built on top of it (like chat, efficient video multicasting streaming, File Sharing, secured file store ...). Nodezilla provides cache features; any server may create a local replica of any data object. These local replicas provide faster access and robustness to network partitions. They also reduce network congestion by localizing access traffic. It is assumed that any server in the infrastructure may crash, leak information, or become compromised, therefore in order to ensure data protection, redundancy and cryptographic techniques are used.

It currently offers five services:

* Anonymous File sharing,
* Hierarchical Multimedia Streaming,
* Digital photo sharing with selected friends,
* Distributed BitTorrentStore Database,
* User driven storage/retrieval of objects.

As this is a quite new and evolved p2p protocol compared to existing products.

The Experimental Distributed BitTorrent Database is available
The plugin for Azureus allowing integration of the Nodezilla Grid and BitTorrent in some way is available here. An explanation of how things work is here.

04 Oct 2008 - Nodezilla 0.5.6-cindy for Win32 and Linux available !
no software patents
Usual small fixes

Changelog is available here.
Homepage: http://www.nodezilla.net/

Download for Windows: http://crypto.ecn.org/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=40&func=download&id=78&chk=06ebd29fe0abc1c9c95c205a84f0b790&no_html=1
Download for Linux: http://www.nodezilla.net/dl.html#linux



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