02 October 2008

ISP P2P (BitTorrent, eMule) traffic shaping - P2P Bandwidth limiting

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Traffic shaping is used in some countries by several ISP's to save bandwidth from customer internet accounts. In Europe, United Kingdom, some ex colonies, Malaysia use this Technology in Asia and a few South American Countries. Other European Countries as well Africa and Russia do not limit customer bandwidth for P2P filesharing.
If your ISP shaping traffic, please consider finding a new, better one.

Protocol Encryption can help to increase download speed if your ISP limits P2P traffic.
Some ISPs limits encrypted traffic.

Test it with a good seeded torrent or eMule downloads with many sources such as on Linux distributions, Open Office... if the speed is significant slower as http downloads. For example a http (ftp) download with download manager runs at 4 Mb/s full line speed and P2P (torrent, edonkey) is rate limit to 400 - 550 kb/s (40 ~ 50).

Furhter more there is an online BitTorrent traffic tester available from Max Planck Institute for Software Systems:
While running this test, you can next to your ip in the url address bar change the ports to others during a short interrupt and re-run the test on ports of your choice (others than the standard BitTorrent ports).

How to activate Protocol Encryption in eMule:

eMule Official and eMule Mods (MorphXT, Xtreme...)
Go to Options -> Settings -> Security, Select the Checkbox: [X] Enable Protocol Obfuscation
If your download speeds do not increase when you choose Enabled, choose: [X] Allow obfuscated connections only.

click on the pictures for fullscreen

In extension for eMule mods based on Applejuice (HyperTraxx, Fireball, RC-Atlantis, EPB-Mod, GPS2Crew Mod, Titandonkey, Razorback Mod, SunPower-Mod, Wikinger Mod, ROCKFORCE Mod,...) using "AES 256 bit" Encryption.

Try the following setting combination as shown in this screenshots:

Settings as in the Official eMule and Mods, see above, plus try under 'Sharing' Tab Encryption AES 256 bit to select: [X] Support Encryption
If it do not increase the download speed try: [X] Use Encryption for all files

Caution AES 256 encryption is not compatible with other clients which do not support this features. You may get no upload if you are connected with incompatible clients. You can possible not download from standard eMule if this is activated!

If your ISP do not limit P2P traffic, activated forced protocol encryption needs more cpu load and system resources!

You can try to change the standard Ports in eMule:

Make shure Portforwarding via UPnP (can use settings Random ports) or manually (fixed ports) is setup for your router.

eMule protocol obfuscation, Applejuice Mods enhanced Encryption (AES 256 bit) and BitTorrent encryption will not hide your identity or improve your security!!!
Encryption will not hides the data you are sharing!
"Encryption was developed with only one purpose in mind: circumventing traffic shapers and sniffers. Certain ISPs employ traffic shaping tactics to lower eMule and BitTorrent speeds and thus reduce eMule and BitTorrent traffic."
eMule Applejuice 'extra' security as a eMule mod do not exist. Applejuice based eMule Mods aren't more or less secure as every other eMule client.

encryption AES 256 bit part implementation port taken from???: http://www.i2p2.de/how_intro_de - http://www.i2p2.de/download
•Source install:
http://mirror.i2p2.de/i2psource_0.6.3.tar.bz2 ???

AES code, under the Cryptix (MIT) license, written by the Cryptix team

How to encrypt BitTorrent Traffic Weblink: http://filesharingz.com/guides/how_to_encrypt_bittorrent_traffic.php


Anonymous said...

Vorsicht vor Applejuice und Derivaten, Ich bin doch nicht blöd!


winmann said...


Anonymous said...

It needs a testfile download link with 100 or more mb to test this on ISP's with P2P and emule traffic shaping. without this how to test encryption? Especially if this is part of a edonkey community

Anonymous said...

i think I found solution for AOL UK and some others rate Limit eMule and BitTorrent.

Set in eMule Settings, Connection the ports to 80, or 8080 http/https ports. Try the same with BitTorrent. Set the ports to http/https or ftp default ports.

Anyone can confirm this works to bypass P2P traffic bandwidth throttling using http/https or ftp ports?

Anonymous said...

Set the emule ports to 8080 confirmed works on ISP BT Total Broadband ADSL, UK

Anonymous said...

No more as 85 max. connections!

Anonymous said...

1701, 1723, 1720, 9, 21, 23, 25, 53, 80, 110, 443, 3389, 8080,

Recon said...

The Ads have been removed here but anyone was send the file around to AV vendors. It's done with Packer: "mpress exe packer"
Unpacking prove no virus inside!
test by self:
Mpress Unpacking Script



MPRESS 1.25 OEP Finder

Script written by k11
Test Environment: OllyDbg v1.10, ODbgScript v1.65

var temp
find eip, #0000E9????????#
cmp $RESULT,0
je error
mov temp, $RESULT
inc temp
inc temp
bp temp
bc temp
find eip, #61E9????????#
cmp $RESULT,0
je error
mov temp, $RESULT
inc temp
bphws temp, "x"
bphwc temp
an eip
cmt eip, "This is the OEP"
MSG "OEP found!"

MSG "Error!"


Anonymous said...

Why is the info text not in english, dansk, swedish and lituania. for razorback mod in french and spanish if the most users are there?

gocadog said...

Why is emule all of a sudden not working with Windows 7, and I keep getting an "emule is incompatible" diagnostic when I try to let Windows "fix" the problem?

gocadog said...

Why does emule not execute, and why dooes the icon disappear when I click on it? I tried to let Windows 7.0 "fix" the problem but it tells me that "emule is incompatible"

Admin said...

Try the new eMule 0.50a Beta 2 it have some windows 7 enhancements read here: http://www.leechermods.com/2010/03/emule-050a-beta-2.html

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