06 October 2008

eMule 0.49b ecb Mod 0.6

eMule 0.49b ecb Mod v0.6
eMule v0.49b [ECB Mod v0.6]

Neo BandwidthControl
ARGOS antiLeech.dll
Winsock Version 2.2
European Communityversion 1.0
ShareLevels for non community

Changelog v0.6 Beta 1:
CHANGED: SLS from Xmans to X-Ray´s
ADDED: Sourcecache[X-Ray]
ADDED: UpdateNodesDatFrequently[Avi3K]
ADDED: AutomaticKademliaFirewalledRecheck[Wizard]
ADDED: PartCompletionSpeedUp[BlueSonicBoy]
ADDED: Variable Compression[Xman/NetF]
ADDED: Show Compression[Tarod/MorphXT]
ADDED: DoubleLucas[Slugfiller]
ADDED: HashProgress[O2/Xtreme]
ADDED: CollectionHalted
ADDED: StandbyDL[Xanatos]
ADDED: SuspendCollecting[Xanatos]
ADDED: FIleStatusIcons[JvA]
ADDED: OnlyDownloadCompleteFile[shadow]
ADDED: ModIDInfo[Xanatos]
ADDED: BetterSpeedDisplay[Xanatos]
FIXED: Bug in Modthiefdetection (Morph4u???)[Tr0nYx]
ADDED: TBHMM[taken from StulleMule]
ADDED: Community List[Tr0nYx]
CHANGED: Some things @ FileFeedback(if you choose copy feedback for forum it´s colored;))[Tr0nYx]
ADDED: Mod Icons[taken from StulleMulle]
ADDED: Speedgraph[Myth88]
ADDED: Manual Source Handling[Xanatos]
ADDED: Code improvments[Xanatos]
FIXED: CleanUpClientList Fix[Xanatos]
FIXED: XsInconsistency Fix[Xanatos]
FIXED: lastPublishED2KFlag Fix[Xman]
FIXED: DestroyMenu Fix[Xanatos]
ADDED: HideOS & Share only the Need[Slugfiller/ MorphXT]
ADDED: Don´t HideOS for community[Tr0nYx]
ADDED: Spread Bars[Slugfiller/ MorphXT]
ADDED: See chunk that we hide[SiRoB]
FIXED: MultiSort[SlugFiller]
FIXED: possible Appshutdown Bug around argos[Tr0nYx]
ADDED: powershare for partfiles[Tr0nYx]
ADDED: DLULPrioExtension[taken from X-Ray]
CHANGED: PrefSliderColors[Tr0nYx]
REMOVED: Unused AICH-Hashes[Xman]
FIXED: don't overwrite bak files if last sessions crashed[Xman]
REMOVED: extended Upkick[umeK]
ADDED: automatic uploadprotection calculator[Tr0nYx](have to test it)

Homepage: http://www.emule-coding-board.de


ed2k link: emule 0.49b ecb Mod 0.6.rar

http: emule 0.49b ecb Mod 0.6.rar 3.70 MB



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