23 October 2008

VeryCD easyMule v1.06

VeryCD eDonkey (easyMule) 1.0.6 version stability [2008-10-23]
* fixed bug: the newly installed eDonkey may have to repeat the UserHASH

Homepage: http://www.verycd.com/groups/emuleBeta/ - http://www.verycd.com/groups/eMuleBeta/417652.topic
SRC: http://download.verycd.com/easyMule-VeryCD-src.rar

VeryCD DLP v33.7 Build 2008-10-22

What's new:
- New Thunder XunLei detection (XunaLei, XunLee, Xthunder, ZZZULLL, ZZUL Plus 1, xthame...)
- FlashGet, NetTransport, Vagaa, TuoTu,
- Israel Mod Bans: TLN eMule MOD v6.1, TLH 800STER 8, 'pwr.co.il-2008 [Fxu-] «Pwr Emule 2008 V1.0 [by www.pwr.co.il]»' (eMule v0.48a [Pwr Emule 2008 V1.0 [by www.pwr.co.il]],None/None/None)

- Xtreme 7.0 Ban if special characters in modname addon e.g.: [F\&S]: [BAD MODSTRING](ban) 'http://www.emule-mods.de/?mods=xtreme [enP$] «Xtreme 7.0»' (eMule v0.49b [Xtreme 7.0],Connecting/None/None)
[BAD MODSTRING](ban)- 'Pinatubo1 [CY~2] «Xtreme 7.0»' (eMule v0.49b [Xtreme 7.0],None/None/None)
- AJ Mods added [Bad USERNAME](ban) 'http://www.titanmule.to' (eMule v0.49b,None/None/None

- full changelog: http://board.verycd.com/t473571.html

Suitable for all mods with Antileech dlp (antileech.dll) support
VC, CN-7, Mephisto, ScarAngel, Xtreme,...

To get not in the Dynamic Anti Leecher Protection detectors take caution of the following:
- Don't customize Mod String (hello Tag)
- Don't send package Addon, extra bytes (Community ID)
- Don't set to send fake emule version
- Don't set Nickname in Client to specific
- Don't add features like Filefaker, GhostMod, special hash id, Nick Thief, Mod Thief Faker...
- Don't use random modname addons or username addons
- etc....


Download: http://download.verycd.com/DLP/antiLeech.dll.new

copy in emule main folder, click reload in emule.


Anonymous said...

about DLP anti-leech of this Mod, i thing this is much aggressive then you remain with few sources if you ban all LoL

Recon said...

useless this dlp. No advice to use it. It automatically kick and ban sources include uploader sources

Anonymous said...

OMG loading this dlp and the download jump from 200 to 16

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