07 October 2008

I2P 0.6.4 release

I2P Anonymous Network I2P release v0.6.4

I2P is an anonymizing network, offering a simple layer that identity-sensitive applications can use to securely communicate. All data is wrapped with several layers of encryption. The network is both distributed and dynamic, with no trusted parties.

Many applications are available that interface with I2P including mail, peer-peer file sharing, IRC chat and others.

0.6.4 is available in monotone and at http://echelon.i2p/0.6.4/ . It will be a few hours before it is available at http://www.i2p2.i2p/download.html and via the automatic update mechanism.

Hash: SHA1
I2P 0.6.4 release
I2P release 0.6.4

The 0.6.4 release adds performance and stability improvements. Floodfill peers which are already connected, are preferred for RouterInfo stores, and references to new floodfill peers obtained from ordinary peers in case of shortage.

Preference for already connected peers is generally increased by considering them active. Timeouts during tunnel joins are now counted against peer profiles.

Improvements to the shutdown handler, tunnel builder, router throttling, collection of tunnel pool statistics, as well as router console and I2PSnark improvements
(and texts to explain reachability issues) are also included.

This release is backward compatible: if you already have or greater installed, it will recognize the signature on the signed update file, and you can update automatically.

As customary, for people who don't have the option of checking GPG signatures, supplied below are the SHA1 hashes of released files:

f40bf6a8969ef7c29ff9af05890dbc314ad29db4 i2pheadless-0.6.4.tar.bz2
c6abe3d22a7a548f560ac1f2d34038c8dd277c1b i2pinstall-0.6.4.exe
151736f9891bd8d957b10213e382409027d38f02 i2psource-0.6.4.tar.bz2
8aa0e50009c7cfd613ea03c60220a9723c34b778 i2pupdate-0.6.4.zip | DDL
ab067b953a4505bd9433b48b5b361970d8cd38ac i2pupdate.sud

Best wishes,

install update:
1. get the i2pupdate.zip copy it into your I2P directory, DO NOT unzip it!
2. add router.blocklist.enable=true on configadvanced.jsp
3. download http://zzz.i2p/files/blocklist.txt to your I2P directory
4. Restart I2P.
I2P will deflate the zip on its own, apply it and starts up with it

Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (GNU/Linux)


Homepage: http://www.i2p2.de - http://www.i2p-projekt.de/ - http://zzz.i2p.to/
from i2p: http://echelon.i2p/0.6.4/ (does not like download manager // crc errors)

Release history
* 2008-10-05 0.6.4 released

2008-10-05 Complication
* Update versions, package release

2008-09-29 zzz
* i2psnark: Add codevoid link, remove mastertracker

2008-09-23 zzz
* config.jsp: Add some reachability help
* configpeer.jsp: Add blocklist info
* help.jsp: Add link to German FAQ
* tunnels.jsp: Fix inactive participating count
* SearchReplyJob: Don't look up references to shitlisted peers
* TunnelPeerSelector: Avoid a peer for 20s after a reject or timeout

2008-09-20 zzz
* NetDb: Fix the totally broken "check new routers against blocklist"
code from 3 checkins ago
* tunnels.jsp: Sort participating tunnels by usage, display rate

2008-09-19 zzz
* Tunnels:
- Add missing message accounting for inbound gateways,
we were underestimating participating traffic because of it,
and the tunnels were classified "inactive"
- Add participating tunnel role on tunnels.jsp

2008-09-18 zzz
* Throttle:
- Correctly check inbound and outbound total bw limits separately
- Fix up and actually use the tunnel.participatingMessageCount stat,
favor it if lower than the total bw stat, so that
client traffic isn't included for throttle decisions
- Reduce min message count from 60 to 40
* Tunnel Dispatcher:
- Add tunnel.participatingBandwidth stat
- Remove all 3h and 24h stats

2008-09-15 zzz
* FloodOnlySearchJob:
- Ask non-floodfill peers if we don't know any floodfills
- Lookup hashes in the DatabaseSearchReplyMessage if we
don't know enough floodfills
* NetDb: Check new routers against blocklist
* Router: Shutdown clients first
* Throttle:
- Use 60s rather than 10m tunnel.participatingMessageCount stat
- Fix a summary bar message
* Tunnel Dispatcher: Update tunnel.participatingMessageCount
every 20s, rather than at tunnel expiration, to maintain
a more current stat
* Tunnel Pool:
- Prevent excess zero-hop tunnels
- Always wait before looping in BuildExecutor
* configlogging.jsp: Increase box width
* logs.jsp: Remove unused connection log, cut wrapper log output in half

2008-09-12 zzz
* Blocklist: Fix a log message format
* HarvesterJob: Don't instantiate if disabled
* i2psnark:
- Add config i2psnark.linkPrefix to enable access to completed
torrents from a different machine - examples:
(Stop i2psnark, add to i2psnark.config, restart)
- Remove Galen and NickyB trackers
* NetDb: Add netDb.exploreKeySet stat
* netdb.jsp: Add parameter ?r=xxxxxx to view a single routerinfo,
and ?r=. to view our own; change links on other pages too
* Transport: Make and private

2008-09-06 zzz
* EepGet command line: Fix byte counts after a failed resume
* NTCP: Mark unreachable on outbound connection timeout
* Shitlist: Fix partial shitlisting (still unused though)
* Summary Bar: Warn if firewalled and floodfill
* Throttle: Combine current and last bw measurement,
reduce default max tunnels to 2500 (was 3000)
* Tunnel BuildHandler: Logging cleanup
* UpdateHandler: Cleanup, clarify failure message
* DataHelper: Prepare for 999 day uptime :)

2008-08-29 zzz
* Tunnel BuildExecutor: Debug cleanup
* Profiles: Penalize capacity when tunnel build request times out
* Shutdown: Call the shutdown hooks before the router shutdown
rather than after
* Stats: Remove tunnel.Bps.* stats when the tunnel pool is closed

2008-08-27 zzz
* Floodfill Peer Selector: Prefer already-connected floodfill
peer for direct RouterInfo stores, to mimimize floodfill
* Peer Profiles: Classify connected peers as "active",
which will help improve the fast pool
* Transport Manager: Add isEstablished(Hash)
* NTCP: Reduce max idle time from 20m to 15m
* NetDb stats: Post-0.6.3 clean up


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Downloaded 5 times all files with 0 - 7 kb/s but crc error / archives broken,

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