08 October 2009

Firefox Shiretoko 3.5.5pre - Ayakawa build

These builds are 'community build', 'private build'.


Shiretoko 3.5.5pre (2009/10/08)

* profiling with getting source from changeset 26461:bcfccb9bfd02 (Sat Sep 05 21:31:17 2009 +0200)
* add compatibility for windows 7 on manifest. see MSDN-Application Manifest. But, if you use some plugins (e.g. Flash), Fx run under VISTA compatibility mode.
* in some cases, Fx cause error on V8 Benchmark REGEXP randomly
* make with VC9 SP1
* use mozcrt (MOZCRT19.DLL patch for VC9 SP1 rev.1)
* make mozlibpixman.dll patch - pixmandll.zip
* make multithreading for image scaling (referred to patch of Mr. tete, NEED OpenMP.DLL)
* profiling with jit.chrome=true

Homepage: http://marilab.hp.infoseek.co.jp/buildfx/index_en.html
Shiretoko 3.5.5pre/VC9 SP1 - 26461:bcfccb9bfd02 (Sat Sep 05 21:31:17 2009 +0200)

Fx 3.5.x builds need Redistributable Package.
Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package

Shiretoko 3.5.5pre

VS 2008 Pro SP1/SSE2+PGU build 7z ver.
size 7,953,872 byte
SHA1 5c573929b3c15350a2f85404fdd4aa93868c0997
VS 2008 Pro SP1/SSE2+PGU build installer ver.
size 8,029,763 byte
SHA1 0c7a25b67c199aa01f14e94d1092ea99f611da79


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