04 October 2010

Internet Speed in Small Towns and Villages South East Asia vs. Germany

one year later i come back to this topic again cause the internet in my german village sucks complete. each time i been abroad i've enjoyed in all possible countries a much better usable internet as the maximum dsl speed what will be possible in north east bavaria in my location 1,5 mb/s Deutsche Telekom for a price of 6 - 16 mb/s (about 30 Euro/months) -- No i don't live in the woods outside the civilization.
so i hate to use internet at home in germany still with some 56k to 100kb/s shit EDGE technology! (like back in the middle of the 90's).
i just can say freaking shit internet connectivity in the Oberpfalz (Bavaria).

right now im in Ukraine enjoying great highspeed internet:



Internet Speed

Thailand Maxnet/3BB

ADSL (old analog line)
Small village in South Thailand near Malaysia (about 14 away from next city)
Available Speed Coverage: 2 to 10 MB/s ADSL2
Internet cordless - Air coverage in this place 476 kb/s avarage
Thailand Speedtests ADSL2 (analogue landline)

to Bangkok

to Kuala Lumpur

to Singapore

to Indonesia

To Munich

To Coburg Bavaria

To Nürnberg


Germany Telekom,.. whatever

Little bit bigger village in Germany North East Bavaria (only 7 to 10 km away from 2 possible cities with higher speed) near Czech Republic

Maximum on old ISDN Line Telekom 1,5 MB/s.
New ISDN Line 2 MB/s maximum that is technical possible.
Available Speed Coverage: 1 to 2 MB/s ISDN DSL

Remark I don't do a 2 mb or even a 1,5 mb/s line 24 months contract for 25 and more than 30 Euro to go Online with it nor will I sign the smallest 6 mb/s dsl package and get only 2 mb/s maximum or guaranteed speed but can not be any faster. I'm not crazy
No 1,5 or 2 mb/s maximum DSL speedtest pictures from Germany Village to South Thailand Village.

Internet cordless - Air coverage in this place 56 kb/s (GPRS) to 220 kb/s (EDGE)
Something for a palm organizer ... windows on laptop near unusable :(

Germany Speedtests wireless internet 220 kb/s (EDGE)

To Coburg (Bavaria)

To Bangkok

To Singapore

To Brüssel

in real Vodafone is a way faster than e-plus both on EDGE from here (Youtube work fluent + upload speed is almost the same fast as download speed!)


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