18 October 2010

eMule 0.50a XdP 5.2 RC2 beta 2

eMule 0.50a -XdP- v5.2 RC2 beta2

Coded by:






ADD : switchable AutoFriendslot (kts?)
ADD : ICS (enkeyDEV/WiZaRd)
ADD : AntiHideOS (netfinity)
ADD : IntelliFlush (WiZaRd)
ADD : the "List All Requested Files" item also to the download clients list (Tuxman)
CHANGE : few things on ModVersion system (umeK)
CHANGE : hide the "FileIdentifierDesc" loglines in release builds (emulefuture)
CHANGE : new support link on Serverwindow (umeK)
OPTIMIZE : CPU calm down (WiZaRd)
OPTIMIZE : Avoid Credits Accumulate Fakers (MorphXT)
OPTIMIZE : Copy files from bin package config to used config dir (Stulle)
IMPROVE : better Leecher handling @ Expanded Credits (umeK)
IMPROVE : now some GPL/Bad strings are set as default in Anti Mod/Nick Detection (umeK)
IMPROVE : recode of Fakerank [better queueprogress and small fixes] (umeK)
IMPROVE : preferences handling (umeK)
IMPROVE : some things on Uploadclient/AddReqBlock (WiZaRd/zz_fly)
IMPROVE : some optimizations/fixes on Kad (WiZaRd)
FIX : Kad ID finding for friends (WiZaRd)
FIX : displaying Boost factor's on Stats (umeK)
FIX : fixing edit fields for Community,Modstring and BadGuy Detection after entering (umeK)
REMOVE : complete GPL Detection (umeK)
CHANGE/OPTIMIZE/IMPROVE/FIX many other things around the mod....[fixed mostly some of my old faults/misses]




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