10 October 2010

eMule 0.50a EastShare 15.0 beta

eMule 0.50a EastShare 15.0 beta by Pretender
10. Oct. 2010

Changelog for eMule v0.50a EastShare v15.0 [10/10/2010]


based on MorphXT 12.4

MERGED: Code Merged to MorphXT 12.4 (eMule 0.50a) [Pretender]

1.使用前請先備份config, 2.可能會重hash

1. Use a backup before you config, 2. May be re-hash

BBS: http://www.eastshare.tw/



sonoro said...

Changelog for eMule v0.50a IQx

ADD:New Credit System (justice Credit)

Calculation method:
If (MB sent - received MB)> 1, then the factor is = (MB sent - received MB)
If (MB sent - received MB) <1, then the factor is = 1 / (MB received - sent MB)
If the difference between MB sent - received MB is less than 1, the factor is 1.
If the client has disabled the identification factor is 0! You will be always on standby! : Twisted:

After verifying that there were users who came to serve more than 1MB 250MB without sending it was decided to create a drastic anti-leeching, who baptized as "Standby" what does is when customers take out more than x in the forward pass be in "Standby" on the waiting list, so reduce that difference to its position and resume taking into account the waiting time until then.



PS:If testing like speed, maybe faster than dazzle
Filters bad uploaders after sending 100mb

test and pass the speed of your feedback

If you liked comments

tanks for morph4u good help

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