27 May 2010

dUP 2.20 BETA 9 diablo2oo2s Universal Patcher

diablo2oo2's Universal Patcher [dUP]
dUP 2.20 BETA 9 - diablo2oo2's Universal Patcher

Version: 2.20

-multiple file patcher
-programmable patching procedure
-create Offset and Search&Replace patch/loader
-compare files (RawOffset and VirtualAddress) with different filesize
-text patcher
-registry patcher, also for loaders
-attach files to patcher
-get filepaths from registry
-usage of CRC32 and filesize checks
-patching packed files
-compress patcher with your favorite packer
-saving projects
-use custom skin in your patcher
-add music (Tracker Modules: xm,mod,it,s3m,mtm,umx,v2m,ahx,sid) to patcher
-multilanguage support
-and many more...

Version History
-added wildcard support for textpatch module
-windowresize bugs fixed
-minimize patcherwindow with rightmouseclick
-added new "Event" module for patcher. Now you can programm your patcher!
-added new "File Check" module for patcher
-bugfixes in textpatch module
-bugfix: executing attached files
-bugfix: problem with nested environment variables
-bugfix: tooltips will be shown without flicker effect on windows 7
-bugfix: increased pattersize limit to 1024 bytes for search & replace compare module

BBS: http://mp2kforum.mp.funpic.de
Homepage: http://navig8.to/diablo2oo2


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