12 May 2010

Tween Final / Beta

ImageBanana - tween.pngTween is a desktop client application for Twitter.
Tween does not requirement Adobe Air!
Many features, check it out!

Changelog Ver (2010/05/03)

* Web abolished mode
* OAuth (xAuth) support (API limit to 350.) You can choose to continue BASIC authentication. Since each connected to a common API, API restrictions are common.
* Lists support. Types tab in the tab when creating the Select Lists
* home_timeline, mentions, DirectMessage, official search, lists that goes back to the (Shift-F5, Shift-r) (DM on Twitter can get the specifications for different movements.)
* Image preview implementation (imgur/twitpic/yfrog/tweetphoto/Mobypicture/Scenic Mobile 100/Photo Life Hatena/photoshare/img.ly/brightkite/twitgoo/pic.im/youtube/Nico Nico Douga/flickr/pixiv/TwitVideo). Get the timeout is 5 seconds.
o pixiv: those images tagged with R-18, links to member pages will not work
o flickr: photostream if you have multiple images, such as only recognizes the first image
* In the list i was able to move the input area and press
* Resources in Chinese (zh-CHS) added. Excluded from automatic updates. A separate download. Zh-CHS Tween same folder create a folder, please place the downloaded DLL.
* You can set the refresh interval to 15 seconds (Test Implementation)
* Nico manual ID (sm / nm) to make up for the link (Test Implementation)
* Fixed some clearer messages
* When you open a text URL, link text to display the list of screen if you have multiple links. Verbatim @ hashtags user or shortened URL is modified to display both before and after reduction
* reduced uptake nico.ms Logic
* GIF invalid addresses issues throughout the red Xs will animate
* Search tab from the combo box OR PublicSearch fixes may conduct searches
* Change the background color for review, "he remarks," added the background color is not overwritten by another
* Clear Content tab, and tab to display the name of the tab and delete contact dialog
* flickr seen as "@" URL that contains a bug fix did not correctly recognize the
* Current total number of unread task tray icon tooltip, @ to display the number of unread
* Some of the URL if TwitterID was fixed to recognize and point to
* Fixed word search disappears if the search by specifying a search query from the combo box list of the official search tab
* Improved user interface consistent with the actual operational conditions. Specifically as follows.
o Not even one time when you delete off the menu tab tab undelete
o Protect the focus of remarks by saying if you set ReTweet to Protect statements include, RT disable the relevant menu
o Depending on the situation in detail view context menu "ID to create filtering rules" to disable
o If their statement said that the focus off the Delete menu
o PublicSearch tab, in_reply_to_status_id if the statement is not set to "open a status reply from the" Disable
o If the official remarks RT "RT who open the home" to disable

RT official * off this remarks to prevent

* Change the timeout to 5 seconds icon image acquisition
* FAV startup setting bug fixes get ignored
* dlvr.it, bkite.com, youtu.be, ow.ly, p.tl, flic.kr the URL for the expansion
* RT official when a reply to ALL, RT modified to add the people that reply
* And will return an authentication error, bug fixes since the update no longer
* ! ProxyAPI In response, API set to add the URL to connect to some of the replacement
* 1 API similar-second request to cancel
* RT official in reply to QT, in_reply_to Tsukanai a bug fix
* Break the problem and support to start minimized (Tween can be started and minimized in the shortcut's properties to set.)
* When you submit a URL automatically shortened when the last URL bug fixes may not only shorten
* Adjust URL and link detection logic
* Anforo ID screen and follow the specified ID can change, bug fix ID does not change the results screen
* Fixed display speed
* To avoid the exception error clipboard operations
Development version. May contain bugs. Fixed a bug that it encodes a portion of the speech analysis.
Minor fixes to the behavior of the User Information dialog.

Homepage: http://de.sourceforge.jp/projects/tween/

(This Description is auto-translated)


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