06 September 2010

eMule 0.50a Dazzle Mod by PuPet

An eMule Mod based on "eMule ~ DaZZle Mod by xpMule"


Ver 0.49b quick merge to 0.50a by PuPet

Ver 0.49b another quick merge to 0.49b by Nick75

Ver 0.49a Really quick und dumb merge to eMule 0.49a by Nick75.

Changelog for eMule ~ DaZZle Mod 'by xpMule':

Ver 0.48a Updated by NoXZ

Ver 0.47a (By xpMule) v1.03
- compiled with Netfinity's (Pre XP/SP2) DLL Fix for VS-2003.
- Changed dazzle options tab dialog to mention warning about high cpu / memory usage.
- moved some dazzle code into emule files and removed the now un-needed source files.
- increased "knownClientsMap HashTable" to larger prime number.
- added data type code on many functions to prevent compiler warnings.
- MorphXT 8.5 eMule Visual Studio project files were used as a template for builds. (athlon/p4, beta etc)
- Visual Studio project files have been cleaned of any invalid information.
- 3 Builds have been compiled and tested with out any errors or warnings, Beta, Debug and Release.

Ver 0.47a (By xpMule) v1.02
- added new inverse creditsystem tweak posted by Dazzle.
- compiled with Netfinity's (Pre XP/SP2) DLL Fix for VS-2003.

Ver 0.47a (By xpMule) v1.01
- "Large Files" support fix on one function.
- Added version/name Strings in few dialogs
- minor code changes/improvements

DownloadeMule.v0.50a.Dazzle.rar 1.81 MB


Anonymous said...

Schöner Mod, fehlt leider upload feedback sonst klasse...

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