08 September 2010

Thunder By Suda - Ads Free

Chinese to English translation
Thunder V5.9.27.1554 By Suda - Ads Free

Thunder V5.9.27.1554 ad free optimization to enhance the Collector's Edition features:

1, the official two-process to a single process, saving CPU and memory resources;
2, no registered ads members can log on to the ad, after landing was VIP6 members;
3, increased support for multi-use chain (express, super-cyclone, BT, eDonkey, etc.);
4, supports online automated update the skin, so that Thunder is more gorgeous;
5, to amend the official version of the download a file, the problem can not modify the original link. (Web site for downloading large files is very useful when, even if IP address has changed, you can download the address change to the original way the task)
6, according to all requirements, remove the "My Favorites" tab and search bar;
7, remove all plug-ins, just to download and Health (the default retain only Thunder member function, of course, you can add their own plug-ins);
8, when adding task links automatically skip the test, remove the new download waiting time testing;
9, a thorough background screening of the program starts automatically download the plug-in problem;
10, to remove all ads and information pop interface, the program main interface without any personal information;
11, completely shielding the background uploading (the latest screening method, the effect is perfect);
12, unlimited thread (at your own keyboard settings manually, but the best, do not exceed 20, and now in China is really no need to set up the network over more than 10 threads);
13, ordinary members can access high-speed download channel VIP6 members (the effect was very perfect);
14, fixed as to advertising resulting in "software prompt" function can not be abolished;
15 tips to remove the remaining download time advertising;
16, to completely remove unwanted junk files and advertising documents, but also the smallest hard disk space;
17, the official simulation setup, in order to maximize system compatibility, and all the modified documents to keep the digital signature;
18, to maintain original style, without any binding, the interface without any extra advertising links, the real pure refreshing;
19, ultra-small especially suitable for packaging use, support for silent installation does not run after installation (parameter: / sp-/ verysilent / suppressmsgboxes / norestart)

Screenshots -?

Homepage: http://bbs.suda123.com/jinpinsoft/list-1.html
BBS: http://bbs.suda123.com/jinpinsoft/thread-308412-1-1.html

Thunder v5.9x English Language Pack xml's:

not available, translation edit for .xml files need! \Thunder Network\Thunder\Language\zh_CN

BBS: http://forum.jayceooi.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=98
Website: http://www.jayceooi.com/2008/12/10/download-%E8%BF%85%E9%9B%B7-xunlei-thunder-5-english-language-pack/

DownloadThunderV5.9.27.1554_By_Suda.rar 8.40 MB

Stats Block@ http://code.google.com/p/hostsx/source/browse/trunk/g/Soft.g
HostsX: http://code.google.com/p/hostsx/


paleskin said...

I can't download from uploaded.to

Can you provide other mirrors ?


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