01 January 2011

What is your Favorite eMule Mod?

Write a comment and win a price!
Leave a comment which is your favorite eMule (Leecher) mod before January, 10, 2011 and win.

If you do not use eMule then your favorite Bittorrent client or download manager software.

Among all answers in the comments we give away free Genuine licenses for the following Windows 7 compatible software:

1x Novosoft Handy Backup
Handy Backup is a family of data backup and disaster recovery software for individual PCs (Handy Backup Standard, Professional, and Full), servers (Handy Backup Servers), and Android mobile devices (Handy Backup for Android). Starting from the version 6.9 the software presents advanced online and disaster recovery features.

3x 1Password for Windows
1Password can create strong, unique passwords for you, remember them, and restore them, all directly in your web browser.can create strong, unique passwords for you, remember them, and restore them, all directly in your web browser. Chrome v10 and Firefox is supported!

1x BitDefender Antivirus 2011 PRO for Windows
License for 1 Year in your Language. BitDefender Antivirus Pro 2011 gives your PC fast, proactive protection against the latest viruses, spyware, and identity theft attacks, all in a friendly and customizable dashboard.

or 1x Panda Cloud Antivirus PRO

Panda Cloud Antivirus Pro Edition includes completely hands-off operation with its automatic and transparent program and engine upgrades every time a new version is released, advanced anti-malware protection thanks to behavioral analysis, no nagging advertising screens and multi-lingual 24x7 technical support. One year License.

1x Uploaded.to Premium-Account for 1 Month (value 5.99 Euro)

Don't forget to login, as anonymous user write your email address, icq, yim or anyway to contact you in case you win! We select the winners random and announce it here!


Anonymous said...

Mine is Emule 0.50a SBI by Butcho.
Is lightweight and gets good sources and download speed!

Anonymous said...

Also for me SBI Leecher is the best ! In all !

Anonymous said...

I agree with them both, i also get the best results with the sbi mod.

Anonymous said...

eMule THC is my favorite !


Anonymous said...

My favorite Mod in the past was from Rappi (€xORz!§T 6.0), but now my fave is the eMule v0.50a -XdP- v5.2 RC2 (by umek) !!!

Spanier said...

My favorite Mod is XDP and chimera...

Anonymous said...

IN addition, the Bittorrent client I like is Abuze MOD.
I'm not sure if it is released by the same staff at SBI, but I can say it offers an excellent download speed.

Also, when I was talking about "lightweight" (about eMule SBI on the first post) I meant the amount of RAM memory it needs to work, even downloading hundreds of files at the same time.

hooligan said...

xpd or some of the sharing-devils mods;-)

sfu_420 said...

I use eMule 0.50 NoName (where I can find the last version?) or MLDonkey (multi P2P)

VirTualKillR said...

my favorite mod is eMule v0.50a -XdP- v5.2 RC2 (by umek) but in the past it's emule 47c likokine edition by Nicoxy

Unknown said...

eMule 0.50a is my favorite mod. Thanks.

sonoro said...

my favorite

MaGic 1.9
Mephisto (tweaks upload)

ZZ-R OLD mods

my mod MorhJC for fight to leecher LOL

Sneko said...

Also ich finde das der XDP von Umek genial läuft, auch der Chimera u. Emule Magic...

Anonymous said...

eMule 0.50a UltiMatiX v5.0 ist der beste Mod!

Cersc said...

Great initiative, great mods collections, great site.

Cersc said...

Great initiative, great mods collections, great site.
My pref mod is "No.Name" by banshee

Anonymous said...

ZZ-R 3.5

Krom said...

my favorite mod is eMule 0.50a No.Name by banshee

Anonymous said...

Emule Mephisto ist auch ein echt Stabiler und sehr guter Mod!!

fabius said...

all umek/morph4u mods !!! :)

Anonymous said...

my first favourite was lcmule (neomule based) for all of its options, then started using hightime mods by musiclover and morph4u wich were really great, and i used them until the zzultimativ-R mods got my attention (v1.2 holds a special place in my heart).My favourite is Apace V1.7 tho, because of the best balance of options for leechers and releasers alike, unlike other mods wich target only leechers and make their mods slow and a pain to the community. Big props go out to Morph4u and musiclover, and peacemaker for making all of my favourite mods, thank you all for giving me software that I will want to run on my linux ;D

EidGoR said...

My favourite is still SnakeRC3.

Soemtimes Chimera and XDP

Emily said...

SBI 2.4 by Butcho and Chimera by Banshee.

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