17 January 2011

eMule 0.50a MorphJC v1.9

Changelog for eMule 0.50a MorphJC v1.9


Now Based on StulleMule v7.0 [Stulle]

Changed: Slot Limiter
[Min. Upload slots [1]
Default upload slots 10
Max. Upload slots [50]
Slot Speed [12]]
Changed: Min. Upload Clients Allowed [1-50]
Changed: Reask Time For File Sources [20-55]
Changed: Check New Version
Changed: Default Nick [own url]
Changed: eMule Manifest
Changed: Min. PBF for Clients Without SUI [1]
Changed: Default PBF for Clients Without SUI [1]
Changed: Xtreme Credit (Penalizes *4)(Now Xtreme Penalize)
Changed: Justice Credit Assignments [pP]
Removed: Pawcio Credit
Added: Anti-Shape [gomez82/netfinity]

MorphJC developed by miggy and sonoro

Homepage: http://morphjc.tugashare.in/



HTTP: BIN http://www.duckload.com/dl/Bs7U2
HTTP: SRC http://www.duckload.com/dl/SZ7U2



Sneko said...

Where do I find the whole settings??? I find nothing in the donkey!!!

Recon said...

do u mean under options the setting dialogues or preferences.ini?

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