23 March 2011

BitTorrent 8.0 Build 25131 Alpha DHT Patch - Toolbar Ad Free

DHT Patch, 3th party Ads addon removed, stats removed.


1. Unpack UPX packed bittorrent.exe for example with FUU which can be downloaded here.
Select UPX v1.x - 3.x unpacker

2. Open the unpacked bittorrent.exe in a Hexeditor for example HxD.

Find and change this Hex values:

DHT Patch:

FF FF 85 C0 74 04 80 4B

FF FF 85 C0 EB 04 80 4B

ASK Toolbar remove:

00 74 11 FF 75 0C

Change to:
00 90 90 FF 75 0C

3. Remove Section Payload (~700 KB) using for example PE Tools and Rebuild the exe file.

4. Rebuild IAT with ImpREC

5. Correct PE Image Checksum

Download1,36 MB Unpacked

6. (RE)-Compress file with PECompact.
/Cl:9 /Wl:No /Dt:Small /Sd:Y /Cic:No /Ri:No

Download482 KB


billy bowles said...

Ive tried 3 times, "bittorrent8unpa" fails at downloading

Admin said...

download from this direct link: https://dc307.4shared.com/download/jWiHaMNx/bittorrent8unpa.exe

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