10 January 2012

More power for Realtek Chipset based WLAN Adapter (USB/PCI)

With this instruction you can on all Realtek chipset based WLAN Cards (Longhine and many more) set the TX output power from 50mW (10dBm) default to more than 200mW (>23dBm).
12 dBm is maximum on some routers for example FritzBox. Values over 12 work fine with TP-Link, D-Link, Linksys using dd-wrt firmware.

1. Install the latest driver from realtek.com.tw and the Realtek USB Wireless Lan utility for your Network Adapter.

2. Open in Program Files under Realtek the ini file with notepad for example for RTL 8192 SU the filename is 8192SU.ini

3. Set the parameters under [UI Config] from 0 to 1 to enable for example:

CCXTxPower_SHOW="1"  ;temp adjust Tx Output Power max. 12...23
PREAMBLE_SHOW="1"   ;Short Preamble option improves throughput performance.
Channel_Plan_SHOW="1"  ;See list below

The Channel Plan list is:
FCC (USA): 1-11
ETSI (Europe): 1-13
SPAIN: 10-11
FRANCE: 10-13
MKK (Japan): 14
MKK1(Japan): 1-14
TELEC: 1-14

4. To boost the TX Power change it as shown in the screenshot after you have saved the ini file and started the RtWLan.exe Utility.

Now you should be able to have nearly twice the range as before.


warsev said...

I am having a problem. That is, the rtwlan will not display the CCX tab, and so it is not possible to change power. All other tabs show. I have uninstalled and re-installed the software several times. I have tried different versions of the utility and drivers. I have tried several different channel plans, and have set my computer to several different locations. The result is always the same.

Do you have any ideas what else I can try?

The device is a RTL8191SU USB dongle. The computer is a HP G72 laptop running Windows 7 "Home Premium".

Thanks for any help.

Utter said...

You could try to change all copies of the 8192SU.ini files inside the realtek directory, and also make the same changes to ther other XXXXxx.ini files that are present.

kevsamiga said...

Just a tip. The CCX tab WILL NOT show even if unlocked, unless your using Windows XP. For Windows 7 there is the RTLUI2.exe utility installed from the CCX IHV service instead, that performs the same function when shortcutted to desktop from /System32 giving you a TX power control facility (until reboot).

Bear in mind, that any TX power you do set, is not just restricted by software alone, but by hard locks in the EEPROM for country, and limitations imposed by the Power Amplifer chip implemented in your adapter.

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