17 February 2007

NRPG RatioMaster 0.34


Now you can add upload and download traffic to your torrent account easy.
Key features:
- Supports multiple RatioMasters running in one instance.
- Automatically loads torrent info from torrent file.
- Great browser included in program.
- Support for tabs sessions (save current session and load it later)
- Very strong protection against anti-cheat scripts.
- Very good GUI. Drag&drop support for files.
- Parses all data from all running uTorrent, Azureus, BitComet and ABC instances.
- Can select how much upload and download in seconds to upload and download.
- Can select random values for upload and download speeds at tracker update.
- Can select tracker response interval (program automatically gets this value from tracker).
- Lots of bittorrent client simulations available - latest and a lot of old versions of uTorrent, BitComet, Azureus, BitLord, ABC, BTuga, BitTornado, Burst and BitTyrant.
- Shows uploaded, downloaded, tracker update intervals, and more info all in real-time!
- Support for custom announce and client simulation parameters.
- Good error protection.
- Supports many different types of proxies. (HTTP, SOCKS...)
- Program keeps a log if any errors occur.
- Program will inform you of new versions.
- Works in almost all bittorrent trackers.
- And many other great features!

---=== 0.34 (17-02-2007) ===---
- Tracker connection problems fixed
- Tracker response bugs fixed
- Some memory optimizations
- Fixed security bug in BitComet (0.80+) emulations
- Default client is now "uTorrent 1.6.1"
- Added new client emulation: "uTorrent 1.6.1"
- Added new client emulation: "BitComet 0.84"
---=== 0.33 (01-02-2007) ===---
- "Finished % bug" is now fixed!
- Some security bugs fixed
- Fixed some bugs when parsing number of peers from the clients
- Now every client have default value for number of peers
- You can select to load torrent file in a new tab or in the current tab when drag&drop
- Added new client emulation: "Azureus"
- Added new type of clients: "BitTyrant"
- Added new client emulation: "BitTyrant 1.1"
---=== 0.32 (20-01-2007) ===---
- You can parse values from all running Azureus instances
- Added drag&drop support for torrent files (you can drag&drop one or more files)
- Added drag&drop support for session files (you can drag&drop one or more files)
- Added new stop condition: "When leechers/seeders"
- When start torrent, program scrape data (not only when update)
- Fixed bugs with "numwant" values
- Fixed bug with finished percent
- Client version rearranged (newer versions are at the top of combo box)
- Added new client emulation: "Azureus"
- Added new client emulation: "BitComet 0.82"
---=== 0.321 & 0.322 ===---
- tried to fix the "Finished %" bug!

Full Change Log


Download 0.30

Download 0.31 (Mirror)

Download 0.321 Unofficial Version

Download 0.322 (Mirror) Unofficial Version

pass: seba14

Download 0.33 (Mirror1) - (Mirror2) Official Version

Download 0.34 (Mirror1) - (Mirror2)

All credits to nrpgratiomaster.hit.bg by Nikolay Kostov (NRPG)


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