04 February 2007

eMule 0.47c - Uni A-Team Mod v2.5


- Added Advanced Server Filter [emule+]
- Added Spooky Mode (slightly modified)
- Added Connection Checker
- Added option to disable deadsourceslist
- Added Control download priority [tommy_gun]
- Added Limit PS by amount of data uploaded [Stulle]
- Added Design Settings [eWombat/Stulle]
- Added logging for emulations
- Fixed gui bug in options order
- Fixed bug in powershare column in shared files list
- Fixed bug in multi-friendslots when added from upload list
- Small changes around chunk detail display
- Removed uni active ratio
- Minor fixes and changes
Updated to Xtreme 5.4.1

- Added new titlebar display, totally personalizable
- Added new Minimule [neo]
- Added toolbar speedmeter [neo adapted]
- Added preferences slidebar [emule+]
- Added Downloading Chunk Detail Display [modified from morphxt]
- Added some release settings:
* Recoded Powershare
* Release Bonus [sivka]
- Changed some colors in search list
- Recoded Dynamic Block Request
- Fixed WebCache working with obfuscation [morphxt]
- Removed additional protocol tag from extended comments
- Updated Emulations
Updated to Xtreme 5.3.1

- Added new Save/Load Sources
- Added Save comments [neo]
- Added PowerShare [zz]
- Added backup part for new comments file
- Added Pause on file complete [neo]
- Improved txtsrc file loading (better handling)
- Fixed bug in backup: now backup files are deleted correctly in all cases
- Fixed critical bug that caused low-id on some routers
- Removed Random Ports
Updated to Xtreme 5.3

Version 2.5
Download - (Mirror1) - (Mirror2)
Version 2.3
eMule 0.47c - Uni-A-Team v2.3.rar (8.15 MB)


Anonymous said...

Complimenti x la mod funge veramente bene.
Cosa avrei preferito:
1. nella finestra UPLOAD
- la mia posizione in coda;
- kick e ban;
- togliere lo slot amico (se lo assegni di qui nn lo slot nn ritrovi il cuore nell'elenco amici dei messaggi);

2. nel menu (le icone + grandi sembrano predominare verso il logo dell'UNI A-TEAM)
- i flussi UP e DOWN in basso + piccoli di dimensione.

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