10 January 2008

BitComet 0.98 Final

We have now no English official changelog of the final version cause its not announced but the download is Final already!

Server Date/Time: Wednesday, January 09, 2008 10:08 PM

Final Changelog (from BitComet Chinese Website http://www.bitcomet.com/doc/changelog-zh.htm ) - Goolge translated

V0.98 2008.1.10
Interface Improvements: BC Open links in the properties dialog box displayed at the same time, the background document download torrent
Interface Improvements: toolbar box and always show the toolbar button on the same line
Improved interface: HTTP task Properties dialog with password authentication support for the HTTP, FTP file size, condition breakpoint Xuchuan
Interface Improvements: Improved User List peer BT tasks download progress of the state display
Interface Improvements: BT sort support tasks User List
Interface Improvements: BT added to a list of tasks each peer download progress of the state
Improved interface: HTTP connection task list for each download source added the state of progress of the download
Improved interface: HTTP mandate of the new pop-up menu commands: "Verification MD5 code"
Interface amendments: all links to download dialog ESC key non-functional
Interface amendment: in a state of the mandate of the queue to delete or recycle bin after queuing state
Core Improvements: Improved algorithm HTTP download more to prevent late slower download
Core Improvements: HTTP support tasks to download Skip to the FTP address
Core Fixed: HTTP does not download the complete tasks directly initiated procedures may lead to the collapse of the preview
Core Fixed: no long-term opening download seed should not be the task of providing long-term seed upload
Core amendment: Delete the Recycle Bin should not be the task of providing long-term seed upload

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Final: http://cn.bitcomet.com/achive/
setup http://cn.bitcomet.com/achive/BitComet_0.98_setup.exe
zip http://cn.bitcomet.com/achive/BitComet_0.98.zip
plugins http://cn.bitcomet.com/achive/BitComet_0.98_plugin.exe

Mirror: http://us.bitcomet.com/achive/
setup http://us.bitcomet.com/achive/BitComet_0.98_setup.exe
zip http://us.bitcomet.com/achive/BitComet_0.98.zip
plugins http://us.bitcomet.com/achive/BitComet_0.98_plugin.exe

Beta: http://download.bitcomet.com/beta/

Homepage: http://www.bitcomet.com/


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