29 January 2008

eMule v0.48a Applejuice v2.3 the eXe shield/steahlt Mule entcrypted

eMule Applejuice Main Features which give you more SPEED and SECURITY include it self for possible dissembling:
- Applejuice Community with many Community Clients advanced Community Features
- Applejuice Creditsystem: you can "buy" download Slots from other Community Clients with Applejuice you get for your Upload
- Community Topfile List: Search and Find the Files with most Community Clients
- advanced Upload Managament, Upload Protection and Boost Clients
- many Hacks, Community Fakes and Client Emulations
- security Features like 'no complete Files' and 'Filename Obfuscation'
- AES (256 bit) encrypted File-Transfers for more Security
- many other useful Features
- all eMule Xtreme Features

Changelog eMule v0.48a Applejuice v2.3:
January, 2008
Protection crypts removed for a better look inside the binary.
Import sect. needz 2 adjust if u wanna change graphics ;)

December, 31. 2007

- Country-Block
--- Select up to 3 Countries of which you want to block all upload and download

- improved Anti modified Applejuice Clients
- updated file comment spam list of Anti-Leecher system
- minor memory fixes and improvements on Community code
- create crashdump file without asking

Changelog eMule v0.48a Applejuice v2.2.1:
December, 1. 2007

- Anti modified Applejuice Clients
- changed default AES setting to Support AES
- fixed bug manual adding client to IPFilter
- minor fixes on AES and bzip2

- download status column in queuelist and uploadlist
- better adjusted Applejuice Clientdetails for displaying AES setting

Country-Block from Bu$hMule WhitE/BlacK HouSe Edition:
This Feature is only for Security purposes. Be aware that by enabling this Feature you will
lose many Sources (including Applejuice Community Clients) and so downloading will be a lot
slower but more safety (depending in which Country you are and which Countries you block).
If Country-Block is enabled you will be asked on every startup of eMule Applejuice if you
want to keep it enabled. After 3 sessions it will automatically be disabled (you can manually
enable it again). To use Country-Block the ip-to-country.csv file has to be in your config folder.


unopacked - will not run in this status: eMule.v0.48a.Applejuice.v2.3.bin.rar (4.10 MB)


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