18 January 2008

Thunder v5.7.7.435 AYU - Ads reduced

Thunder v5.7.5.435Thunderbolt use Multiprotocol P2P resources based on grid principle, exist on the network server and computer resources for the effective integration of a unique Thunderbolt client in the network. HTTP downloads also from the Internet are also integrated.

  • Television has been optimized for download speeds
  • fixed support for cache directory
  • Increase the overall security status panel
Feature List:
  • New resources on HTTP, significantly improve download speed
  • Powerful task management function, you can choose different task managements
  • Intelligent disk cache technology effectively preventing the download speed of hard disk injury
  • Intelligent suggested that the information system, according to users of the operating-related tips and operational advice
  • Unique to the wrong diagnosis function to help users if a download failure to resolve the issue
  • Anti-virus protection and antivirus software can be downloaded for guarantee security of file downloads
  • Automatically detect new version, prompts the user to timely upgrade (Auto Update)
  • Provide a wide range of skins, users can choose their own preferences

Thunderbolt V5.7.7.435 AYU no-ads - Mirror

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