10 January 2008

Thunder v5.7.5.421 TuZi Thunder vs Ayu Thunder Mod optimized version of the rabbit modified version

Thunder v5.7.5.421 TuZi
Night Fire: Thunderbolt yesterday (December 3) issued a Thunderbolt (Thunder) v5.7.5.421, immediately Thunderbolt (Thunder) v5.7.5.421 optimized version of the rabbit and Ayu out on the revised version, to sigh that Green team efficiency, but seems to be, first Thunderbolt to Ayu modified version of the advertisement, so the two things almost simultaneously to two. . . Not a meaningless said that, when the time comes out of corals, paragraphs 2, 3, have a big laugh from http://www.15897.com/blog/post/Thunder5-0day.html
PS: A few days ago issued to the Thunderbolt 5 0day use tools, do not know after this update also does not ~

Optimization version of the rabbit

Rabbit version modifications:
* All advertising to official procedures
* Interface refreshing, no dog search
* Non any bundled third-party software
* Solve some of antivirus software misstated

Update Message: Super Rabbit products are doing more, although it may be amended version only, but all the beginning, we will be adding your own content, with no guarantee that all rogues, and provide convenience for the users is the purpose of a rabbit.

Thunderbolt (2007.12.03) Update:
* task list bold display support for the completion of tasks
* BT and eDonkey unfinished tasks into support tasks * BT
* download order to optimize the process of downloading BT task disk read and write
the new version fixed some bt downloading bugs

Article Google Translated from original in Chinese Language to read here:

BBS: http://bbs.et8.net/bbs/showthread.php?t=900130&page=2

AYU's mod aren't really free of ads.
TuZi thunder can be downloaded here:
Mirror: TuZiThunder5.exe

English Language Pack: http://blog.scuforum.net/

From:baicker's Blog

Thunderbolt latest official version Thunderbolt (Thunder5.7.4.401) Still affected by this vulnerability very useful link MA, but if we use iframe,Wide not high 0
(pplayer.dll Component version:,CLSID:F3E70CEA-956E-49CC-B444-73AFE593AD7F)

http://www.blogjava.net/Files/baicker/xunleikankan.rar Webite says can not be shown a unindented object there, your system have been protected by AntiVirusSoftware try remote upload http://www.mirrorit.de/?id=deb324b50beefcb2
read more and mirrors -> http://www.hacklive.cn/read.php/247.htm


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