17 December 2008

eMule 0.48a DBGO ( Dibigo ) v20081211

Using this program is freeware without any restrictions.

Dibigo free P2P (DBGO) English version download, novice to use, high-speed download the module.

After the membership is available.

Seyibeumeonisyap wepsyoping reserve program to install, free of malicious code, the cure PCclearPlus v1.5, Windows Automatic Updates patch paechieop, the Internet, free cartoon dibi weptun, according to the Yahoo search toolbar will be installed.
You do not want to install after minutes released from the installation, please check the box.

☞ improvements
1. Server detection module modification
2. Block keywords Update
3. Server Update List
4.ui change
5. Speed stabilization module
6. High-speed module, modify, update

☞ Publisher Description
And the P2P server and a fully dibi that are compatible with other P2P programs over the Internet by a variety of users to share videos, documents, images, to search for any file format, you can download the software is completely free.

☞ Key Features
Windows OS support (window 98, me, XP, vista)
Worldwide eDonkey, eMule, completely compatible with the server peuruna
Mila support the card Servers
High-speed download support
Search, down from one screen to check the screen provides bunhwal UI

☞ Key Features
- Korea, a leader in the P2P program
Dibi and the sound of the sea, pureuna, the club folder, Die Hard, is the club, and file the sea, ssijel (ssijeldatnet), and the only other country with a high-speed P2P download large files, and P2P is confident the best is available in myeongsilgonghi.

- High-speed file support
To support high-speed file dibi said. In other words, sang lines like, you can neglect the rapidly faster download speeds. In addition, the search results for high-speed file and the regular file a separate category for the dibigo users will be able to download files more easily.

- Convenient 3 danguseong
High-speed file, files, 3 divided by the current status of the file download configuration files that are currently being sent can be more easily identified.

- 100% free to use free to anyone
Wephadeu, a fee each time you use P2P programs, or flat rate payment of the cost, but said dibi can be used as free 100% free. Do not hesitate to use.

- Maintain a regular update to the latest engine
And the latest engine dibi always keep the engine than the user's vast stable of the contents of the file can be downloaded for quick time to help.

How to run or install ☞
Follow the instructions to download and install the file, you can run


Download all versions
Mirrors: the net

☞ Avoid DLP troubles change/enter the default user nickname www.dbgo.com



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