10 December 2008

eMule 0.49b AcKroNiC 5.1

eMule 0.49b AcKroNiC 5.1
AcKroNiC 5.1 - 08/12/08

remove : fix connection collision
remove : direct URL ipfilter from updates (can be done via security options)
add : no SUQWT for leechers on file hot swapping (from X-Ray v1.6)
update : community & corrupt userhash detection from DLP v35 (zz_fly/SquallATF)
update : optimize size of ClientCredits table (zz_fly)
chnage : mod version check "host name"
change : mod support forum links
fix : mod config dir for multi user, i.e. appdata (taz)
fix : chunk selection mode logic for ICS (taz)
fix : no SUQWT for Mod/Nick thieves (taz)
fix : CA events log once (taz)
fix : crash after lowid notifier (taz)
fix : direct URL updates for ipfilter (taz)
fix : crash on ip2country update
fix : mod (& beta) version check option selection
fix : recode SlotFocus (from eMuleFuture v0.7) & SlotControl (from X-Ray v1.6)
fix : Slot Control display options
fix : Regional connection wizard (when apply without selection) - 10'x erdem444
fix : minor official draw bug around SharedFiles Filter on Language change (WiZaRd)
change : New splash logo

DLP is for eMule Beginners noobs - The Dynamic Antileecher Protection blocks many emule mods which give upload to you!

Homepage and Download:

Thank you, don't post among in leecher boards (forums)


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