02 December 2008

RDG Packer Detector v0.6.6

RDG Packer Detector is a detector for packers, Cryptors, Compilers,
Packers Scrambler, Joiners, Installers.

- Holds Fast detection system.
- detection system Powerful Analyzing the complete file, allowing the detection of Muli-packers in several cases.
- You can create your own symbol detection.
- Holds Crypto-Graphic Analyzer.
- Allows you to calculate the checksum of a file.
- Allows you to calculate the Entropy, reporting if the program looked at the compressed, encrypted or not.
EPO-Detector (Original Point of Entry) of a program.
Check-You can download and you always signaturas.Así RDG Packer Detector will be updated.
- Loader Plug-ins ..
- Converter signatures.
- Detector distortive Entry Point.
- De-Binder an extractor attachments.
System Improved heuristic.

What's New! v0.6.6
- New Interface!
- Fast-Mode Detection and Mode Powerful Improved!
- Super-base signatures Updated!
- Heuristic detection of Binders
- Detection and Extraction Overlay!
- Version Check and Auto-Update!
- Super-Fast Detection of MD5 Hash!
- Support for Multiple Plug-ins for both RDG Packer Detector and other detectors!
- Detection of Multiple-MPG formats, GIF, RAR, ZIP, MP3 and so on.
- Detection and removal of attachments!.
- Detection-MA (Quick) Fully integrated interface to the Chief
Now More Stable!
New Multi-Language.
...& More!

Current Version v0.6.6

Homepage: http://rdgsoft.8k.com/IndexIngles.html
Download - Mirror: RDG Packer Detector v0.6.6 2k8.rar 1.58 MB


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