01 February 2009

eMule 0.49b -XdP- EdiTioN v4.0 FINAL

eMule v0.49b -XdP- EdiTioN v4.0 FINAL
eMule v0.49b | -XdP- v4.0
-- developed by umeK --


ADD : Colored Upload (umeK)
FIXED : a Problem on IPFilterupdate (umeK)
FIXED : a Bug on Kadsearch (umeK)
FIXED : a Bug on Checkfortimeover (umeK)
FIXED : ConChecker (taz)
FIXED : Reask sources after IPChange (umeK)
FIXED : a Bug on IP2Country (umeK)
CHANGED : few things on -XdP- PPG's (umeK)
CHANGED : don't search new generated clients in lists (Xman/WiZaRd)
CHANGED : few stuff from BadGuy Detection (umeK)
CHANGED : Random Modstring (umeK)
CHANGED/OPTIMIZED : some things from Community (umeK)
OPTIMIZED : some things on expanded Credits (umeK)
CLEANED : the Source and removed some old buggy/unused stuff... (umeK)

This ORIGINAL from http://www.emule-coding-board.de/Board%20Mod/ (no seba copy, he don't have it now - There is no Auth to hack)

Download: eMule v0.49b -XdP- EdiTioN v4.0 FINAL.rar 2.75 MB

ed2k (source Germany):
eMule 0.49b -XdP- EdiTioN v4.0 FINAL.rar

Latest ECB Mod Beta by TrOnYx:
ecb mod 0.7 beta.rar
(IT source may be a file faker, check 4 DE src in ed2k net)


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